My Marie Antoinette photo shoot and the unexpected mindset lessons

Show Notes


Hey there gorgeous,

You may have noticed a little video I shared on social media recently of me dressed as Marie Antoinette.

It was part of a very luxe, beautiful photo shoot I did that brought up SO many layers of feelings for me.

So much so that I knew I had to record a podcast episode about the experience and my reflections.

This is a vulnerable share but such an interesting episode.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How my money blocks still knock my confidence 
  • Why I (and other Rulers) find it so hard to treat ourselves or spend any money just for fun
  • How money blocks can make us overthink, judge ourselves and feel guilty
  • Why we can feel so uncomfortable receiving compliments and being centre of attention
  • The mindset work you’ll need to overcome to be more visible 
  • Why play and creativity are vital in our lives and businesses

Hopefully you enjoy this episode and it will inspire you to play and do something that's a little bit more creative.

And I hope you get something from me sharing some of my discomfort and my blocks that came up around this shoot. 

The affirmation that’s really helping me at the moment is;

It's safe for me to shine.

Try it out and if you’re inspired - go book a photo shoot or do fun just for you.


The Photoshoot

Thanks to Sherbet Birdie Photography


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