How slow and steady can win in business

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How slow and steady can win in business


How slow and steady can win in business

So you know the story of the tortoise and hare? 

They challenge each other to a race, and the tortoise plods along, slow and steady, and the hare rushes, runs, and gets distracted. Ultimately the tortoise wins. 

Well, today, we’re discussing how this “slow and steady wins the race” idea applies to your business. 

This is important because if you’re one of those methodical people who like to take it a little slower when initiating action or making decisions, you might feel left out in fast-talking entrepreneurial situations.

The entrepreneurial world often values speed, ideas, and newness over the tried and tested, so business can feel isolating if you’re always surrounded by hare personalities.

If this sounds familiar, listen to today’s podcast to learn about how the “slow and steady” approach can win in today’s online space, including:

  • The benefits of being thoughtful and considered in business 
  • The helpful and harmful behaviors of taking things a little slower
  • The services you can offer if you have a tortoise personality 
  • Who you need on your money team to avoid big money mistakes 
  • My lessons from visiting Lapland about embracing spaciousness and chill

Spaciousness is the gift of the nurturer personality. Where could you benefit from some slowness in your life and business?

It’s your time, but you have time.

xx Denise

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How slow and steady can win in business