Evergreen Programs vs Launches

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Hey there,

Every day I get asked about evergreen programs and courses. 

Evergreen means always available. Green all year round! Money Bootcamp is evergreen – you can join any time. 

Plus we also do a big annual launch and regular promotions, but we’ve moved from 3 launches a year to sell more evergreen. 

Maybe you want to switch from launches to having a program that's open all year round. 

Maybe you want both. 

I’m here to answer ALL your questions!

I launched Money Bootcamp in 2012 – it started out as a six week course about uncovering and releasing your money blocks. 

There were calls every week for six weeks and a Facebook group alongside. 20 people signed up.

I thought it would run once.

But there was so much demand I ended up doing it four times a year. I got so burnt out - I felt like I was in every trimester of pregnancy at once. 

The cycle was relentless; I had to market it, launch, welcome people and deliver the program etc. 

I totally exhausted myself with that launch model. When I got pregnant IRL I decided to trial running Money Bootcamp as an evergreen program.

Ten years on, we do a big launch in January every year. I offer a longer payment plan, some extra bonuses and the chance to pay in your own currency. 

I’ve found that some people love the symbolism of starting something new at new year. 

And others (like me!) want instant gratification. They’ve read my book and they want in, right now!

If you’re launching a course, here are some things to think about. 

Lesson one: It's totally okay for you to design it in a way that works for you. 

Lesson two: Some of your customers want instant gratification. Often people don’t want to wait for a launch once a year. They’re ready to get started straight away.

Lesson three: Stop thinking of your course as linear. People should be able to drop in at any stage and get value. My monthly Bootcamp calls have an overarching theme so they work for someone who's brand new and longtime members who need a refresh.

Lesson four: Tighten up the group. When there's new people joining all the time, you have to set really clear boundaries. My Facebook group is strictly Bootcamp – nothing else!

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The launch model that burnt me out
  • Why you need really strong boundaries around your group
  • How I never discount
  • How to incentivize
  • What happened when I got pregnant



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