Time for a price increase or premium rate?

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Time for a price increase or premium rate?


I hope you’ve eased into the start of the New Year with some chill and prosperity. 

I’m in the final week of my four month trip to Europe - I’m excited to get home but also have LOVED England and a wintery Christmas. 

As I’m travelling, for this week’s episode of Chill and Prosper, I’m repurposing some of my best content and answering some common questions about pricing including, 

  • Should you charge a premium rate for rush jobs, 
  • How to justify a big price increase
  • When you should speak for free
  • And more!  

The start of the year is an ideal time to review your pricing and make any changes to what you offer or how you charge, so I hope this ep inspires you to take action (when you’re ready).

And please message me @denisedt if you have any more pricing questions! 

xx Denise

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