How to know when to increase your prices

Show Notes

I love talking about the juicy subject of pricing. 

And today I’m going to help you feel excited about your prices. Gulp! Let’s get started.

Setting prices is such a big pain point for so many entrepreneurs.

If you're feeling burned out, if you’re undercharging and over-delivering, if you’re working with everyone, today’s podcast episode is for you.

If you’re an artist, yoga teacher, web designer or coach and you feel imbalanced and resentful, it's okay to increase your prices. Your energy has a loud and clear message for you.

Even if you feel really scared about it I’m going to show you how to KNOW that it’s the right time to INCREASE your prices. 

Which of these are true for your right now?

#1. You're getting a lot of business and you're booked out. If you’re feeling busy and at the point of burnout, increasing your prices can recalibrate that.

#2. People are starting to describe your work or services as being cheap. No-one wants to be seen as someone who doesn't value themselves. If people say, "Oh, I really thought it’d cost more than that," it shows a mismatch of expectations and energy. 

#3. You're attracting pain-in-the-butt clients. This is often because of an energetic mismatch and maybe self-worth issues. You need to increase prices, work on the energy that you're putting out and your boundaries, and allow yourself to receive.      

#4. You're creating amazing results for people. If you’re helping people save time and money and become more efficient, it's totally okay to charge really good money for that. As you get better at what you do, it's okay to increase your prices.    

#5. You want to. It's okay to feel like you've outgrown your pricing. Prices aren’t set in stone. 


In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The one golden indicator you need to increase your prices
  • How to attract the best clients
  • Spot red flags and avoid problem clients from the get-go
  • Why I pay for instant gratification
  • Why you need to do a pricing audit every six months 

Remember, it’s safe for you to charge what you want. Grab your journal and write: It's safe for me to charge what I like. 

If you’ve got all the feels after this, Money Bootcamp can help. It's my course and community on dealing with your inner money resistance and fears.



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