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Time to find your superpower!

I've been blown away by the response to the Leverage Your Strengths and Make More Money workshop I just released. 

Thousands of people have dived in and are getting customized training about their money strengths and how to create more flow and abundance in their business.

You can play along with the Leverage workshop here, and make sure you take the quiz if you don't know what your Archetypes are yet. 

I've got another new podcast episode today about the Money Archetypes and precisely how to design and grow your dream business using this powerful framework. 

When I started in business, I sought out mentors and did what they told me to do. For my very first foray into business, I bought a course and put my business together exactly how they told me.

But as a Ruler, Romantic, Maverick, this didn't pan out for me, and I couldn't understand why – I'm a good student and wanted it to work.

Now I know that there are specific business models for different personalities. 

I'm here to help you find the easiest path for you and then double down on your superpower. 

An Alchemist might have a million domain names and half-finished books. One of these must be the perfect business idea, right?! So why not combine ALL these ideas - a membership where you create something entirely different for your audience every month? 

On the surface, a membership might seem like a great business idea for a Connector because they love bringing people together. But connectors struggle with the feeling that once a group gets too big, they lose the connection with everybody. 

One of the gifts of the Accumulator is the ability to see what's wrong. They can critique things. How can you use this part of yourself to see what's wrong and allow people to pay you for that? You could offer website audits, for example. 

Mavericks need a lot of freedom. I know a Maverick who creates courses, and then she sells them to other people. She doesn't want to be stuck doing the same thing over and over. 

Nurturers can feel left out and alone in the business world because, in our society, we value speed. A friend of mine has created the Gentle Business Mastermind to give you lots of spaciousness. The value of the Nurturer is in slowing down. 

Romantics need a business model that gives a lot of freedom. So I'd recommend embracing automation, passive income, and systems. Creating the infrastructure might be boring, but it will allow you to do business when you feel like it. So you can go traveling!

The big mistake that Rulers make is trying to do too many things. You might benefit from a simple business model like mine, where "All Roads Lead to Bootcamp." I need to keep that overdelivering Ruler in check. Remember, you can't do everything yourself. 

As a Celebrity building your business, ensure you have enough time to shine and be fabulous. You can create your own talk show from home. Create a YouTube channel, and do fun things on TikTok. Create a platform where you can magnetize people with your energy. 

This is just the start, and today's podcast episode is packed with ideas and business suggestions for every Archetype.


In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How following someone else's model can be damaging for you
  • How can create a business model using lots of different ideas
  • Passive income ideas for ALL the archetypes
  • You need to break out of industry norms and double down on your superpower!
  • How to find freedom in business



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