How to Survive Criticism In Business

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Well, hello there!

I’ve got some sticky stuff for you today!

We are talking about how to cope with criticism and business rejection. Yuck, right?!

But we all have to deal with this. Whether you’re starting out or an established entrepreneur.

Right at the beginning you might find yourself more vulnerable to criticism. 

You're often in your inbox and managing your customer service. Feedback from customers (and non customers!) can be super painful at this stage.

I remember when I changed my business name to Lucky B*tch. I’d asked the universe for a million dollar idea. It came to me in the shower! I was so nervous to make the change. 

Guess what? Some people liked it and some didn't. I got a load of unsubscribes. I just had to make peace.

What happens when you talk to your family about your business? 

Maybe you want your mom to get excited about your latest win. Maybe you're seeking approval from your dad because he's never told you he's proud of you. Often you don’t get what you want.

Does this sound familiar: "What do you do again? Tell me how that works. Oh, are you qualified to do that? That sounds like you're charging a lot for what you do." 

You’re seeking validation, and you get criticism in return. 

This can derail you and your brilliant business idea. 

Consider this: Where are you seeking advice from people who are not qualified to advise you? 

Sometimes criticism comes up around your price. Know that if you charged a dollar, you would still get people saying, "I can't believe you're charging." 

If you have money blocks around pricing and worth, you may attract people who mirror that. Their words can be like a dagger in your heart.

Don't go seeking criticism. DO NOT Google yourself. Don't punish yourself. 

And lastly, turn off your unsubscribe notifications. I used to get an email every single time someone unsubscribed. I don't need to see that. There’s nothing to be gained from having that knowledge.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Criticism is inevitable
  • There’s no such thing as critic proof
  • How to survive criticism
  • Why it’s NEVER a good idea to google yourself
  • My million dollar idea!!
  • How seeking validation can derail you



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