Internet Dating is Basically Marketing

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Today, we are talking about why internet dating is basically marketing. And I share how I got super-Virgo about my dating techniques!

I tell this story in my new book, Chill and Prosper, which came out this week and is available in paperback, Kindle and audiobook (read by me) here

When I was 22 I moved to London, England. I arrived and I wanted a boyfriend. I'm the sort of person who likes instant gratification! 

So I decided to do internet dating like a pro. I was gonna make it into a marketing campaign! 

I always try and find the quickest way to do something - the path of least resistance. 

I wasn’t gonna just wait for people to contact me. I created a profile and sent out a message to a hundred guys who seemed interesting.       

Now, I didn’t get a 100% response rate. Of the replies I got, I picked out my top 10. 

Then I got proactive and invited them on a mini date to a joke shop and to play a couple of games of pool. I batched those dates up. One at 6pm, one at 8pm etc. I had my hair and make up done anyway – why not make use of that?! 

Although none of those guys worked out, they led me to my husband, Mark. I had put myself out there and I was open to finding somebody. 

The lesson here is that sometimes people resist doing the basics of marketing. Or resist the idea that it’s a numbers game.

Do you have resistance to sending out your newsletter, blogging, posting on social media? 

Reaching out to people is where many entrepreneurs get stuck on marketing. 

You need to put yourself out there to get the good stuff in life!


In this episode, you'll learn:
  • Why people resist marketing and what you can do to shift your mindset
  • My super efficient Virgo approach to dating and what you can learn from my tactics
  • Use my brilliant percentages game to effectively predict sales during every launch
  • Why and how you should make peace with unsubscribes
  • Why it’s important to show up, make offers and keep casting your net wide 




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