My Life Philosphy: How I Live a Keyless Life

Show Notes


Today, I’m talking about the keyless life – or creating ease and automation to eliminate friction.

It’s my life philosophy! #keylesslife 

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I started using this approach when I had kids. Forgetting my keys and sitting outside for an hour waiting for someone to come home was annoying but not that big a deal, pre-kids. 

When I became a mom, it had to change. I couldn’t sit outside with a crying baby. The first shift I made was to choose a car with a keyless entry. 

Then I got excited and looked around and thought what else can I automate? 

Like, sometimes when I’m working on a project, I forget to eat. Cue: meal delivery service. 

We don't all experience friction in the same areas.

Think about something that is stressing you out right now. Can you eliminate it? If not, can you simplify it? Automate it? Or batch it?

Life’s allowed to be easy. It's allowed to be chilled and enjoyable. You’re allowed to have convenience and ease.

In this episode, you'll learn:
  • Adopt my keyless approach to life (or how I gave toilet paper to friends like candy!)
  • How I hacked ‘lost phone charger’ syndrome and other super handy home tips
  • Your guide to batching - how I organized a 14 venue book tour in a day
  • Success strategies to help YOU free up more time and energy at home
  • Brilliant solutions for creating greater ease in your life     
  • What lifetime access really means




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