How to close the sale

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How to close the sale.


How to close the sale

Don't freak out. We're going to talk sales, but not in a sleazy or pushy way. 

If you don't like sales and you're thinking of skipping this episode, don't worry—I've got some chillprenuer tips that actually work. 

Let's make it as easy as possible for you to close the deal and make more money. 

This is not about advanced Jedi mind tricks or hustle but finding a way to grow your business that is more fun and less stressful for YOU. 

Listen to this new episode of the Chill and Prosper podcast to learn:

  • Valuable lessons from my early sales experiences 
  • Tips to make it easy for people to buy from you 
  • Why enthusiasm and simplicity beat salesy tricks
  • How to follow up with leads and close more sales

When you love what you offer, you don't have to be scared. 

And when you're next following up, remember this Jack Canfield quote:


Some will, some won't, so what, someone's waiting." 

And one I've told myself recently that's so good when you've got doubts about the economy... 

"They would if they could, and they will again." 

I'd love to hear what you found most useful in today's episode and what you'll use in your next sales chat—hit reply or send me a message. 

Have a fantastic week! 

xx Denise

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