Three Lessons from Greedy Rich People

Show Notes

In this week’s podcast episode we're talking about three lessons we can learn from greedy, rich people. 

I'm so over people who wreck the planet, people who don't pay their taxes. They contribute to ongoing economic inequality for people and there's no need for it. 

So what do we do about that? 

I’m here to help you gain financial independence. My mom, my grandmother, my aunties didn’t have choices, Because of lack of money. 

I want more ethical people like you to have money. Money is power. You can be wealthy and socially aware.

Wealthy people tend to have a strong sense of destiny. The exact opposite of imposter syndrome. 

Could you borrow a little bit of that confidence? Practice that sense of destiny. 

How would your life and business change if you knew 100% that everything was going to work out?

Would that change the way you show up in the world?

One thing I want for my kids is for them to feel comfortable in their own skin. I want them to feel confident in the fanciest hotel in the world. I felt like an imposter a lot as a kid. I want something different for them.

Rich people are also often very single minded about building wealth. What can we learn from that? 

What mechanisms have you got to let people pay you?

Do a money audit in your business. Are you making it really easy for people to give you money?

It doesn't have to be sleazy or ruthless. It's just telling people how you can help them. A “Buy Here” button on your website. A call to action at the end of every single blog post. Tell them what to do next.

It's okay to make a living doing what you love. It's okay to spend money on growing your business. You don't have to sacrifice your values and integrity. You can be environmentally conscious. You can be fair to your clients. 

Money won’t change your personality. If you’re already kind, you'll be a kind person with money. 

Allowing yourself to receive money can have such a big ripple effect. Firstly, you can take care of yourself and your family. You can break the cycle of poverty and dysfunction. 

You can support causes that you love, build wealth in your community, hire people. That’s going to have an impact for everyone you come into contact with. 

When you give yourself permission to make money, it gives others permission as well. 

We can make money and change the world. 

I 100% believe that.

Listen in to my latest episode for my three lessons on the ripple effect of wealth and what we can learn from greedy rich people.


In this episode, you'll learn:
  • How to identify and banish imposter syndrome from your business
  • Why certainty is so attractive and how to cultivate that!
  • What happens when money is used for good
  • My exact steps to take a money audit in your business
  • Why it’s so important for your audience to see YOU succeed 




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