What Sacred Money Archetypes® means for your relationship: Do you have competing or complementary personalities?

sacred money archetypes
What Sacred Money Archetypes® means for your relationship

Are you and your partner on the same page regarding money goals, spending, and saving? 

My Money Archetypes quiz could shine some serious light on what you both need to thrive and how to navigate tricky times.

Learning this framework with my partner has been relationship-changing - probably relationship-saving - for us. 

In this podcast episode, my husband, Mark, and I are in conversation about our Money Archetypes and how they complement and clash with each other.

This has added spice because not only are we married and co-parent but we run our business together so the opportunities for competing and clashing money personalities are doubled. 

Click here to take the Money Archetypes Quiz to find out what your money archetype is, and you can ask your partner to take the quiz as well. 

Plus you'll get to watch my free workshop about your leveraging your strengths and overcoming your money challenges in business. 

I'm a Ruler, Maverick, Romantic. 

The Rulers are all about building and monetizing, loving being in business. 

Mavericks are all about wanting to break the rules and taking risks. 

And Romantics are all about creating ease and luxury. 

Mark has the same two first archetypes, and his third is Celebrity, but our Archetypes show up in very different ways. 

I love my third, my Romantic, because it often saves me from being too much of a workaholic. 

 Anyway, click here to listen to this podcast and learn: 

  • What Money Archetypes mean for your relationship, family and business
  • How to create more ease and flow in your business
  • How to use the language of the archetypes to understand your partner
  • The EXACT ways that Mark and I complement and clash with each other
  • How we play to our strengths at work and home
  • What energetic gaps do you need to fill in your life

Let me know what comes up for you and your partner as you watch the Leverage Your Strengths workshop and learn more about your two Archetypes.

This is fascinating stuff and has been invaluable in giving us another framework and common language to help deepen our conversations around money. 


xx Denise  



SMA is a Game Changer!

"It's really helped me to understand my money patterns and also been great for my relationship. My husband and I are on the same wavelength now thanks to understanding our archetypes. Highly recommended! Thanks Denise for sharing this with us!"

Strategy and Alignment Coach, UK
Archetype: Maverick


I am really leaning into my Connector abilities

"Learning my archetype, and then learning my husband’s, was so enlightening for our relationship - it explained so much. We’ve been married for 30 years and it’s helped us so much to understand this and see where we were coming from.  In my business, I am really leaning into my Connector abilities as a channel and as a guide. Having that awareness has been really enlightening."

Cosmic ReWilding Coach, USA 
Archetype: Connector


I’m a better coach and I have a better relationship with money

"It's helped me embrace all of me, all the different parts of me, because up until discovering SMA, I was thinking more along the lines of being a Libra, but not really resonating with horoscopes because they’re so one-dimensional. Understanding my connector traits, and the other underlying ones, I feel like I’ve got the whole package. It’s helped me grow as a person, improve my relationship with my family."

Business & Money Coach, Australia 
Archetype: Connector

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