Jodie Howard

Cosmic ReWilding Coach | USA
Archetype: Connector

I'm Jodie. I live in the United States, in Virginia, outside of Washington, D.C. I am a healer, a light body activator and a channel. And so I do healing energy sessions. I am a Connector, I am also a Romantic and Alchemist.

How this Coach & Healer uses SMA to make more money

“It wasn't until I acknowledged more of my connectedness and Connector ability that things actually started to flow through. I thought it was almost too easy for this to be the thing that I could actually now create a business around.”

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Was there anything surprising when you found out about your Archetypes?

It took me a little while to recognize that that was part of my Connector, that I'm connecting people through my channeling. That took me a while to actually see that. It was definitely a surprise, also even a space of denial that I just didn't see it. It was kind of like I couldn't see the forest from the trees. I felt honestly, as I dug deeper and learned more about it, but it was a surprise. I wanted to be a Ruler or one of the other archetypes that I felt seemed to be more money savvy or could call in and bring in money in the ways that I don't typically. 

So it definitely was a surprise and a little bit of a, "I don't really know if I want that one to be mine." And so I really do like my Romantic, that's my second one. So I kind of like to play into that more, because it felt fun and light and airy. And I, for a while, was just really wanting to learn more about that. And it wasn't until I acknowledged more of my connectedness and Connector ability though, that things actually did start to flow through in that way also. So it was definitely a surprise.


What are some of the sabotages you experience because of your Connector Archetype?

For me, it shows up in a way where I often hear people say, "You give away so much free content." I'm constantly just putting out great, amazing content. And I will have accumulated friends or other people saying, "What are you doing here?" And I'm like, "Oh, I'm just sharing. I'm just talking. I'm just posting. I'm just doing what feels comfortable and what feels natural, what feels good." And I'm connecting, right? I'm connecting information, ideas, people, concepts. I'm doing all of that. And there are times though that I've been becoming much more aware of it and I'm choosing to say, "Okay, that is my gift and I would also... I am here to receive more value, more income from this."

And so that's part of what my growth and shift has been, of allowing myself to learn when I can share content without just overloading the content. And actually creating a masterclass out of it and charging people to come and do that. And that has been like this, Aha," that I've been stepping into more and more and just... Because otherwise I'm like, "Well sure everybody, want to hear it? I'm here to give you... Sure." And then later I'm like, "But I really would like some actual income from this, too. So, that's been part of my process.


How has the Sacred Money Archetypes® course helped you in your life/business?

"For me, it really started first within my household and learning my archetype and then learning my husband's, who's an Accumulator first and foremost and me and my Romantic and Connector self, it was so enlightening in our relationship and it explained so much and it assisted with so much for both of us to understand this and see where we were coming from after it's been now 30 years of marriage and we did this what a few years ago."

And then now being able to see it in my business. Like I said, when I made the awareness that as a channel and as a guide, I am really leaning into my connector abilities and it always felt so easy and almost too easy, similar to what Monica had said, that I thought it was almost too easy for this to be the thing that I could actually now create a business around. So having that awareness was also really enlightening and leaning into that and allowing the ease of my connector abilities to actually lead the way for income and money and allowing more and more to come in. For sure.

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