The Universe Will Provide: Here’s How to Shift Your Money Mindset and Reach For Your Dreams

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Work on your money mindset and bust through the next level of money blocks

Hey gorgeous,

One of the most common complaints I hear about money is "but I don't have enough!". People think it's a great excuse for why they don't let themselves dream big goals for their lives. 

As you know, I'm passionate about using tools like dream boards to manifest wonderful things without being attached to how the universe will provide for you. Check out my guide to manifesting money fast here! 

I want you to bust through this scarcity mindset today! Really. Decide to dream big anyway, even if you have NO idea of how you're going to get it.

Trust me. You may have heard about my magical Law of Attraction experiment? Read all about my luckiest year ever here and find out how to use the LoA to get whatever you want! I mean I was manifesting free things like crazy - seminars, a life coaching course and best of all - six months all expenses paid travel all around the world. That experiment was worth about half a million dollars.

What was my secret? I ignored the voice that said "but you can't afford it" and instead just put my order in to the Universe. I had no idea how it was going to happen but I trusted that I would be taken care of. The Universe found a way to get around my money blocks because I was so aligned with my goals and focused on staying positive.

Signs You Need to Work on Your Money Mindset

You’re having thoughts like:

  • I want to go to Paris... but I can't afford it
  • I want to go to that amazing seminar... but I can't afford it
  • I want to quit my job... but I can't afford it.

Remember, thoughts are energy. What you think about all the time will become your reality. What you think, you become.

How to Break Through This Money Block

Your job is just to define what you want and 'place the order' - through goal setting, making a dream board of your biggest desires and keeping your thoughts positive and focused.

You never know how your dream will be delivered, and once it arrives, you maybe won't even care how it got to you. 

Here are just nine ways that the Universe can provide for you:

1. An inheritance 

A client received a $15,000 inheritance from a distant relative when she was desperate to go to a motivational seminar. She got the news on the last day to register, so keep trusting until the end.

2. Bank error in your favour

This was a while back but so amazing, I wanted to share it with you today! I got $5000 just a few days before my university tuition was due. The bank eventually realised but I paid it back in instalments. I kept affirming "all will be ok, I will find the money". Well, the money found me!

3. Energy swap

Back in the early days of my business, I told the universe that I wanted to get over my money blocks. Well, the very next week a woman who specialised in just that contacted me to offer a session in return for a coaching session. Be open to swapping or bartering your skills to achieve your dreams.

 4. Karma repays you

Do nice things for others, you never know when it will be repaid. And remember, your payback could come from a completely different source from the person you helped.

 5. Competition winner

I'm the perfect example of that! Always apply for competitions, especially the ones with outlandish prizes - someone has to win it. If a competition comes up that is exactly in line with your goals, then go for it, it could be a nudge from the universe.

 6. Unexpected financial windfall

This could come in countless ways. A price increase (and by the way, when was the last time you raised them?), unexpected bonus, tax refund, overpayment, etc. Take this extra money and put it towards your dream - you'll be one step closer.

 7. Expect good service

If I get bad service, I always write a polite complaint letter with my suggestions for improvement. Try it. In return, you may get free meals, money off your bill or even gifts like flowers or wine. It will come at the perfect time, even when you've already forgotten about it!

 8. Winning cash

Yes, you might win the lottery, so it's worth buying a ticket every now and then. I also love playing bingo with my mum. During the game, I affirm to myself "I love winning"! I win at least twice every time I go.

 9. Completely randomly!

Calls out of the blue with new business, profitable ideas in the middle of the night and finding money in your pocket. Thank the universe for your abundance and every time you get something free that you would have paid for anyway, put the money you saved away into a dream fund.

The message is - you don't always need to have the money. Just trust you will be looked after but make sure you're asking for what you want.

Are you avoiding dreaming because you don't have the money?

Dream big and create your ideal life. Because nobody else is going to do it for you.

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step,

Denise xx


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