Six Steps to Success: How to Manifest Exactly What You Need to Join Money Bootcamp!

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Use this six step process to manifest money quickly and easily.

Hey gorgeous,

Today I want to share with you my most effective tools and strategies for manifesting money.

And not just any old amount of money. The exact amount you need to join the Money Bootcamp program this month.

I want to help you create the wealth you need right now. And then to help you invest that in your future and growth.

I know this will bring so much more abundance and good fortune into your life! I’ve watched so many lucky bees grow their lives beyond their wildest dreams in this program. 

So, are you rady to play along? 

Let’s get creative and help you manifest the money you need to join the awesome community inside Money Bootcamp this month.

1) Clear Your Money Blocks

The first step is always getting clear of any old money beliefs and patterns that are holding you back. So, sorry to dive in with you at the deep end but you’ve got this, I promise! You have to deal with your money blocks before you can manifest big bucks.

How do you do that?! You need to get clear what the blocks are and then work with each one in turn to assess whether it’s actually true. Read my advice on dealing with money blocks here.

2) Get Clarity About What You’re Asking For

In this case, you’re asking for a set sum of money to join the Money Bootcamp program so it’s really simple. Take a large piece of paper and at the top, write down the amount that you need to join today. Stick it somewhere visible. Somewhere you’ll see it every day. Your fridge door?! You’re gonna record your earnings here. And I promise this’ll be super motivational as you see the amount you need decreasing every day.

3) Express Gratitude and Track Your Incoming Money

Express gratitude for everything that comes into your life each and every day. Record every cent you earn or receive. At the end of every day, mark off the money that’s come in on your piece of paper (see above). Calculate your new money goal. You’re getting closer! You’re taking steps towards your financial goal. Nice work!

4) Be a Visionary!

Create a vision board of all of the things you’re going to have, be and do when you uplevel. Because Money Bootcamp is one big upleveling party. You’re going to have so much more abundance in your life. Dreaming of a new car? More time to yourself? A house near the beach? Some beautiful art? A handful of wealthy uplifting clients? Get it all on your vision board and display your creation somewhere prominent. You want to see it often as a visual reminder of what you’re aiming for.

5) Make a Commitment

Tell your friends and family that you’re joining Money Bootcamp next month. Make it real. Write down the date you’re going to start in your diary. One month from now. Clear aside some time to work through the modules – you’ll need about two hours a week for six weeks. Commit yourself!

6) Take Action

Write a list of 30 actions you could take to make money. Anything from a yard sale to increasing your prices, making an offer to sorting out those unpaid invoices. Once you’ve completed your list take action on one task. Yes! right here, right now. That one action will show the universe that you’re serious about this. You’re ready to receive!

For more inspiration on the art of Manifesting and action steps you can take today read this.

And that’s it! It’s pretty simple really. And super exciting!

I can’t wait to see you reach for your dreams and come join us inside Money Bootcamp – it’s life changing.

This is your time and you’re ready for the next step,

Denise xx

P.S. Got any questions? Message me here with the word “ready” and I’ll help you make a decision that will impact the rest of your life.

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