The Luckiest Year of my Life – Follow My Step by Step Law of Attraction Process!

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How I manifested one of the luckiest years of my life and a simple formula you can copy for ultimate success

Hey gorgeous, 

I want to share the story of one of my early years in business when I was insanely lucky!

This was one of the luckiest and most amazing years of my life so far. It was when I started experimenting with the Law of Attraction (the practical real world version - not fluffy wishing-on-a-unicorn style!). 

In one year, I achieved some almost unbelievable goals and manifested around half a million dollars worth of free things and activities that were directly related to those goals!

I’m not telling you this to brag.

In fact, for a while I was really embarrassed to tell people about my good fortune. But I want to spread the news that you can achieve any goal you set your mind to. If you truly believe it, it can come true. 

That’s not just “ra-ra” motivational talk. You can put it to the test. As long as you’re willing to commit to working on yourself and your goals daily, then you’ll be the one sharing your crazy manifestation stories!

You probably know all about the Law of Attraction, especially if you’ve watched The Secret or read any personal development books. But most people underestimate the level of belief and work you need to manifest your dreams.

How do you create this belief? You can fake it, or you can just decide to have it!

Manifesting Tip: Write Down Your Goals

If you want the Law of Attraction to work for you, write down your goals. Creating a dream board (otherwise known as a vision board or treasure map) is even better.

Let me give you some real life examples to show you how I did it. Here are the four best things I manifested from my dream list:

  • A free ticket to an event for women entrepreneurs in Las Vegas
  • A free place on a 6 Weeks to Health coaching program
  • A free place on Sandy Forster’s Inspired Spirit Coaching program
  • Six months free luxury travel to 12 countries around the world including €20,000 in cash.

So am I a professional competition enterer? Do I spend my days applying for competitions and then winning a small proportion of them?

Nope! These are the only competitions I entered that year. In one case, my good luck wasn’t from a competition at all. These are all things I had on my goal list or my dream board. They weren’t random. I specifically wanted and asked for those results.

So, was it a complete coincidence or have I figured out how to manifest my goals at will?

There’s much more to each story. Let’s look at each one in-depth.

How I Manifested a Free Ticket to Las Vegas

Background: One of the internet marketing world's top entrepreneurs was holding a three-day seminar for female entrepreneurs, and I had a burning desire to be there.

The problem was, it was in Vegas (I was living in London) and I didn’t have enough money to go. I wrote “Attend this event in Vegas” on my goal list, and I put a picture of the seminar leaflet on my wall, so I saw the host’s face every day.

Here’s what else I did:

  • I told everyone that I was going to be there and even thought about what to pack
  • I joined the event group on Facebook and watched all the marketing videos with excitement
  • Every day on my commute and before I went to sleep, I visualized being at the seminar
  • I got my business cards ready (something I had put off for ages)
  • I put the dates in my diary and declined invitations because “Sorry, I’m going to be in Vegas that weekend”

In my mind, I was going, so I continued to act “as if” I was for sure. Check out how to visualize your own success here.

When the host announced a video competition to give 5 free scholarship places, I knew that I would win one of them. I did my video and waited for the call to say I won. Um, it never came because I didn’t win. What?!

But I felt so certain that I was going to be there!

The next week, I was talking to my coach about how I was doing all this manifestation but it hadn’t happened yet. I said “I just have this strong feeling that I’m going to be there anyway”.

There was silence. Then my coach said “I have a spare free ticket. I was going to give it to someone and they just declined. I didn’t realize you wanted to go so badly. Would you like to take my extra ticket?”

Well, as you can imagine, my head almost blew off. If I hadn’t continued talking to everyone about going, then my coach would never have known, and the Universe wouldn’t have been able to hook us up!

Long story short. I went to Vegas. I had an amazing time, met incredible entrepreneurs and learned so much about business. I even got to fulfil a life-long dream and see Bette Midler in concert at Caesar’s Palace!

BIG LESSON: never give up; believe in your dreams up until the last minute!

How I beat everyone else to win a free place on a health coaching program

The goal: Make a new commitment to my weight loss. It was as simple as that. I knew that Karen Knowler was giving away a free place on her upcoming 6-week weight loss seminar, so I signed up for her free call.

There’s a little more than meets the eye on this one. It shows how preparation can meet luck and nudge your dreams into reality.

Karen said that during the call she was going to give a clue and the first person to find the answer would win the free place.

I started writing my answer so I’d be the first to respond on the website. I wrote in “The answer is …” and put in my name and email address. I had multiple internet windows open ready to go – Facebook, a google search page and Twitter.

As soon as Karen gave the clue, my fingers were flying over the keyboard. All I needed to do was quickly type in the answer and press send.

BIG LESSON: be prepared and put the odds in your favor.

How I won a coaching scholarship

I had always wanted to go into coaching, but I was turned off by typical coach training organizations. I felt they were too cheesy or attracted the wrong kind of people.

I wrote on my goal list: “Find a coaching program that resonates with me and is in-line with my philosophy in life”.

In the meantime, I was listening for clues. A lot of people had been telling me about Sandy Forster, a personal development and wealth coach. When I went to her website, I saw that she was starting a certified coaching program for people to become a life coach specializing in the Law of Attraction. Wow – perfect for me!

I signed up for her free information session and saw she was giving away two free places on the six-month course. Well, I signed up and won!

Best of all, it was a home study program so I could complete the course while I was traveling around the world! I couldn’t have designed it better myself!

Now, I can’t say I did anything more than sign up. However, the weird thing is – out of 1200 on the call from countries all around the world, I knew the other person who won.

BIG LESSON: you’ve got to be in it to win it – sign up and buy a ticket to make your dreams come true.

How I manifested six months paid luxury travel

Now, this was the biggie and probably the most unbelievable.

The goal: travel around the world with my husband for six months, making $4000 a month.

I thought that I would create an ebook that would make enough passive income to allow Mark and I to travel the world, speak at events and conferences and generally take some time out to experience life.

So, when I saw the job description for the Ultimate Job competition – six months travel blogging for a honeymoon company to the most romantic and luxurious places around the world – I was pretty convinced it was made for me. The salary? Approx $4000 a month.

More than 30,000 people applied, so although I attracted the opportunity – a LOT had to go into winning it, both practical tasks and mental preparation.

Here are some ways we made the goal a reality.

  • I changed my husband’s name in my phone to “Mark – Ultimate Job Buddy”, so everytime he called me, it reminded me how much we wanted it.
  • Mark and I would practice our interview questions endlessly – even before we got into the final. We visualized ourselves getting on the plane for the first trip and what we’d say in our acceptance speeches.
  • Every night we’d list 5 things we were grateful for – always ending with being grateful for winning the competition. It made us feel positive and happy – which increases your vibrations and makes it easier to attract good opportunities.
  • Believing that I could win gave me all sorts of confidence to cold-call journalists and radio shows, not to mention moving forward with renting out my apartment and organizing to rehome my cats for if/when we won.

The result? We spent six months visiting 12 different countries, experiencing amazing things together and all for free!

BIG LESSON: Don’t be attached to how you’re going to achieve your goal. Just state your desires and intentions, no matter how big or crazy they seem.

Read more about how to manifest money and create the life of your dreams here.


It’s all about simple, consistent action and positivity. Let’s sum up:

  1. I wrote down my goal in very specific terms.
  2. I practiced visualizations daily.
  3. I stayed positive and had an “attitude of gratitude”
  4. I told people about my goal, repeatedly and publicly.
  5. I acted “as if” I had already achieved it.
  6. I took massive action to make it happen.

Any personal development book or seminar will tell you to do that. But are you doing it every day? Honestly?

Looking back over my unbelievable and amazing Year of Magical Manifesting, I believe it’s a combination of luck, hard-work, self-belief and the Universe giving me exactly what I asked for – no more, no less.

You can do exactly the same. 

Let’s manifest MONEY!

Love and luck,

Denise xx

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