How Celebrities can use Sacred Money Archetypes® to Make More Money and Raise Their Status

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Join me as I sit down with an incredible group of Celebrity entrepreneurs and alumni from my Sacred Money Archetypes® course. We discuss the strengths and challenges these business owners experience as Celebrities and how they now use their Money Archetype to achieve success.

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How did it feel when you found out you were a Celebrity?

I was very surprised by my celebrity. I thought it was wrong at first and took the quiz again, just to make sure.

I know sometimes your archetypes can shift over time, but mine has always been a very strong Celebrity first.

This surprised me at first because I was always told growing up that I was shy. I didn't make friends easily. My mom tells stories all the time about hiding behind her leg.

And they had to pay me a dollar to do a cartwheel at cheerleading tryouts when I was seven because I wouldn't do anything until they paid me a dollar. And so that was the story and my identity growing up forever. I was shy.

Then I found teaching. I was truly alive when I was teaching. I felt the energy and that flow and I would get excited when I was teaching. Then as I started my business, I started teaching my team. I taught at conferences and workshops full of people and I loved the energy. So when I really started thinking about being a Celebrity, it clicked. I realized it really was me. I do like to be the center of attention. I do like to be in the spotlight.

I love to share the information that I know to help people and make them happy and excited.

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Finding out that I was a celebrity, I had a 30-second shock and then I just fell into my own body. I thought, "Oh, everything makes sense now." As a seven-year-old, I remember I had some really rich cousins.

I went to their house and their maid made a comment that I was really stuck up. But the thing is, I was super broke. I was a child. How could I be stuck up?

So the Celebrity has always been part of me, even when I didn't have money. And a lot of times growing up, I was called stuck up and who wants to have the really nice things and I should just settle. So it was like my whole life flashed before my eyes and things started to really make sense. And instead of being ashamed and guilty about feeling the way that I felt and liking the things that I liked, even when it was out of my budget, I started really embracing it.

Since joining Sacred Money Archetypes, the language I use around marketing has changed.

I use Celebrity words now and start attracting more people who are like that. And the funny thing was a small change. I never felt really comfortable sharing income reports with my clients. But I'm a business coach, I need to share some type of ROI in order for me to get clients.

So I stepped into my Celebrity self and I started sharing my lifestyle.

It doesn't matter how much I make, but here are all the amazing things I get to do by doing what I do. And that has changed everything about it, because now I share my vacations. For example, last year, we went for a month-long vacation as a family, which was such a dream. We went to 30 places in 30 days. This year, we're doing a two-week vacation. I arrived yesterday from vacation. I'm going on vacation again tomorrow. So I share that. I share my lifestyle.

And unashamed, again, owning my words, saying, "This is amazing that I get to do this. Don't you want to do this too?" And when people tell me that I'm stuck up, I'm like, "No, I'm just a Celebrity. Get used to it."

Plus, I recently treated my dad to a five-star meal. It felt so good to be in that place of "Dad, here we go. Let's just do this. This is so nice." I think that especially as women, we are told to just keep it down, keep it low, and be humble. And especially as an immigrant, I had the second-best mindset. There were always other people shining. And stepping into my Celebrity self, I now think "No, I get to be my own best. And this is awesome and a role model for other people."

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How do your top three Archetypes work together?

I am a Celebrity, Maverick, and a Romantic. This came as no surprise. I was excited about being a Maverick, as the realization unlocked so much for me. I've been such a rebel my entire life and that's never been great. A lot of my rebellion held me back, so I was playing into the negative aspect of it.

But since Sacred Money Archetypes, I've started a new business model and realized my Romantic is coming out to play. I'm not a Ruler, but I am a good leader.

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How does your Celebrity sabotage you?

It wasn't until I started Sacred Money Archetypes that I started connecting these old stories about me. I realized the reason I didn't shine was I had a fear of outshining. It was an upper-limit problem. I was afraid to say, "I know the answer.” I was afraid to audition for the role. I was afraid to do whatever it was that needed doing. I became shy, even though I'm not a shy person really at all.

When I learned I was a Celebrity, I had to laugh. I remembered as a kid, I used to host talent shows in my backyard and charge admission. And I mean ran the little businesses out of my garage. And I'm like, "It does make sense."

If I had not been asked to stop raising my hand, maybe how soon I could have realized I was a celebrity?

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My Celebrity has caused some problems in my personal life. My husband is more of an Accumulator, so we bump into the spending of the household and things like that.

Way back when, I hired a nanny and house cleaner after I had my third child. I knew it was all too much for me and I needed help. So I just hired someone.

But living with an Accumulator, it was a bit of a fight to get that person into the house. And then it was a fight to give them a key so that they were actually part of the team. So it went like that, but I took over more of my needs and went with it. But knowing why people think certain ways, because of their archetype, is helpful.

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What would you say to someone who wants to join Sacred Money Archetypes?

If you are looking for a way to understand yourself, your business, how you operate with others, communicate, and connect, this would be the place for you to be.

It has helped me really understand my husband. It has helped me understand my clients, especially now.

I'm just really excited to use this moving forward into the new changes that I'm making in my business.

Don't wait. Jump in hands first or feet first, whatever way that goes first, just jump in.


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