It changed my entire business and I now attract everything

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It changed my entire business and I now attract everything


Janet Bernstein

Shine Coach, USA
Archetype: Celebrity

Hi, I'm Janet Bernstein and I am a Celebrity. My other two archetypes are Nurturer and Ruler. I am from Dallas, Texas USA, and I'm a Shine Coach, so in my quest to learn how to be more of a celebrity and learn to shine online, I discovered that was my passion, was helping other women overcome some of those challenges, the fear, the self confidence and help them learn to shine as well. I actually changed my entire business around my archetype over the last two years, but I've been in Money Bootcamp and SMA for many years.


Was there anything surprising when you found out about your Archetypes?

When I found out I was a Celebrity, first of all, I just assumed I did something wrong on the quiz, that maybe I had answered the questions wrong because when I read the descriptions of, especially the other two archetypes, my Nurture and Ruler, I was like, "Oh, that's me. Those are me." I was building an online business, but I was also very centered around people. I had a women's organization and retreats, and so everything was very much building things for other people, down to building websites and being behind the camera and photographing them and my hair was always in a ponytail. I was like, "I'm not a Celebrity. That's not really who I am. I'm the one behind the scenes cheering for everybody," so I was confused when I first saw the different archetypes.

But actually, when I started watching the videos and I started going through what I wanted for my life and my business, the Celebrity was there. She was just hiding, and she was just not showing up. She was saying "Oh, well, if you're plus size, nobody wants you to be on camera all the time." Or, "Oh, if you have wild and curly hair, you've got at tame it to show up," or, "You have to have your hair done," or, "You have to have makeup done."

It was funny, Denise, was talking about doing her hair and makeup before showing up, I used to have that view that like, "Oh, well, if I'm going to be this person on social media, I have to do all those things," and I realize, over time, it's the personality that really is the Celebrity thing.

What have you changed in your life/business since discovering your Archetypes?

"What's funny is, I started wanting to show up more. I wanted to shine more. I wanted to buy clothes other than black. I actually owned almost all black and gray clothes for a long time, and now everything is color. Even my nails are color all the time, so I think just finding out the results were a little shocking at first, but I think that anybody that's even considering SMA, has got to know that your archetype could be hiding."

But once I embraced her, then I really did start attracting everything that I was supposed to be doing, and I had all sorts of light bulbs that went off. It was like, "Oh my gosh, this is why it was so hard before, because I wasn't really being me. I wasn't shining."

I really looked at my business and what I was offering at that point was a lot of done for you services. A lot of them were very tailored to a demographic that maybe either didn't have funds, or were in just a position where everything was a lower price or negotiated down or discounted or whatever. Even the women's organization that I ran and the events, everything seemed to be leaning on that nurturer side, and I even got to the point where I was doing surveys and asking, "What do you guys want next?" And this and that, and before you know it, I was doing everything that they were saying and nothing was really powerful.

It was in that moment where I was like, "If I'm not being me and I'm not actually showing up as who I'm supposed to be, I'm also preventing them from doing it too."


How do your top 3 Archetypes work together or against each other?

So I actually had a huge aha moment when I really started looking at who I was attracting to my business. I know I did a lot of “done for you” type services, but I really wanted to get away from the constant, "Help me, help me, help me. I'm stuck. Can you just fix it?" To, "I'm ready to learn. What can you tell me to do?" So I actually, after so many months of procrastinating and watching lots of videos and trying to figure out, make sure I was doing all the right things, I launched an online course. I was able to put all of my stuff in there, record the videos. I did the outfit changes, which is a total Celebrity thing. Once I was done, it was like this huge weight had been lifted, and it was very easy.

The first couple of messages I got, where someone was like, "Oh, I was just looking at your course information, and gosh, so it's self-paced and I just do..." And I'm like, "Yep." It was much less of, "Don't worry, I'm there every step of the way," which was that Nurturer thing that I used to always do, and also the Ruler thing, which was I would take money for anybody. I would say, "Oh, I will help anybody. Anybody who's ready to do this." Now I'm very specific. 

I still struggle with the nurturer part when people reach out. There's a part of me that's always like, "Oh, here's my cell phone," and I'm like, "Nope. No, I'm not doing that. I'm not doing that. I have to stay in my power."



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