My business is so much simpler and more automated now, thanks to Money Archetypes

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My business is so much simpler and more automated now, thanks to Money Archetypes


Heather Lambert

Independent Scentsy Consultant & Coach at A More Magical Life LLC, USA
Archetype: Celebrity

I'm Heather Lambert. I am in Palm Bay, Florida. I am a Celebrity. My other archetypes are Romantic and Ruler. I've had a fragrance business for more than 11 years, but as I've discovered myself and my archetype and lots of other things about myself, I'm starting to look into other businesses that I can start online.


Was there anything surprising when you found out about your Archetypes?

I was very surprised by my Celebrity. I was like, "This is wrong." And I think I took it again to make sure. And sometimes your archetypes can shift and change over time. Mine has always been a very, very strong Celebrity first, no doubt whatsoever... But it really surprised me at first because I was always told growing up that I was shy. I was shy. I didn't make friends easily. I was just this shy girl. 

And then I found teaching and I became a teacher and I was alive when I was teaching. I felt the energy and that flow and I would get excited when I was teaching and whether it was in the classroom. And then as I started my business, I started teaching my team and at conferences and workshops full of people. And I loved it, that energy.

So when I really started thinking about that Celebrity and really learning about it through the course, I went, "Oh yeah, that is me. I do like to be the center of attention. I do like to be in the spotlight. I love to share with people the information that I know to help them and make them happy and excited." I love to share. That's why, in fact, just recently I realized I think that's why I read so much because I like to gather all the information so that I can share it with people and look like I'm important.

What was your biggest takeaway from the Sacred Money Archetypes® course?

"I feel like I'm me now. I feel like I can be myself and I have permission to be myself. I don't have to be the shy girl that I was always told I was."

Now that I realize who I am and that I am that Celebrity personality, I can be the Celebrity personality and when I'm being my Celebrity personality, it's when I have the most energy and I feel the happiest. There's still a lot of other stuff to let go of, but when I'm doing that, I feel the most powerful and the most confident. So it’s really exciting. 

How do your top 3 Archetypes work together or against each other?

My other two, Romantic and Ruler, sometimes contradict, but sometimes they really complement. So I love to buy really nice clothes and really nice makeup, but I also want them to be simple and easy and efficient. And that's the Ruler on me too. I want everything to be very efficient and easy, but it's got to be right and good and pretty and fun and all of the things. It's got to be what I want. So, yeah. So the course was eye-opening for me and it really helped me find myself and I feel so much better being me now.

I have a very strong Romantic, so as much as I am a ruler and want to do all the things, even in business and very Celebrity and want to be up front and the best and the way I want it, if it's too much work, I ain't got time for that. It really has to be simple and easy or I just am not interested. So sometimes that gets in my way though, because in order to get what I want, sometimes I do have to do some stuff. And if that Romantic is in front at the time, I struggle a little bit. So yeah, it's got to be easy because I ain't got time for that.

What have you changed in your business since discovering your Archetypes?

Actually COVID really shifted my business to where I was able to automate things more and make it a lot more hands off. And I realized that I don't want to handhold and drag people along. And so I find myself not spending a lot of time and energy on people that need those things for me. And I'm much more quick and short and here's what you need, bye. And call me later when you get to this other point that I can help you with the next step. But I don't want to, I don't want to drag you around. I'm looking to work with people that are ready to go, who want to be that Celebrity or that Ruler just like I am and that are more in line with me. 


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