How Accumulators can use Sacred Money Archetypes® to make more money

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Join me as I sit down with an incredible group of Accumulator entrepreneurs and alumni from my Sacred Money Archetypes® course. We discuss the strengths and challenges these business owners experience as Accumulators and how they now use their Money Archetype to achieve success.

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How did it feel when you found out you were an Accumulator?

I'm quite good at numbers and quite frugal, but discovering I am an Accumulator made me laugh. I actually have an accountant because I don’t want to do that bit. 

I prefer cash flow, forecasting, and going out and making money

This discovery really confirmed that numbers, detail, and caution, were part of my personality.

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When I found out Accumulator was in my top three, so many things from my life made sense.

There was a time that I was fired from my job, and I had no money. But I thought, "Well, I can survive on nothing, so that's fine. I don't need a job." Or when I worked as a Nanny in Germany and didn’t open a bank account. Instead, I just kept my money in my sock drawer because you had to pay 10 Euros a month to have a bank account.

Since Sacred Money Archetypes, I find it really easy to spend money and invest in my business.

Now I understand these investments are going to come back to me tenfold.

In my personal life, I still struggle to buy things that feel frivolous. But in my business, I know that it’s totally fine and invest in the best of everything.

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 How do your top three Archetypes work together?

Knowing my other top archetypes was such a blessing for me. Because I have some Ruler in me, I was constantly working and doing. I used business as a numbing mechanism because I didn't want to go through the process of healing the little traumas that I was carrying in my life.

Because of Sacred Money Archetypes, I could recognize that in myself. I now lean into my strengths, but don’t let them rule over me. That mentality is important.

I am also a Nurturer. I love taking care of my those I love, but sometimes to the point of stretching myself too thin. So instead, I now use the Nurturer towards myself and shift that energy back onto me. This was a giant gift.

Recognizing my archetypes and how they all work together helped me restructure my business.
It was a giant “aha!” for me and has brought me more peace and success.

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How does your Accumulator sabotage you in business?

I thought because I was an Accumulator, I was automatically going to be rich. You think that by saving, not spending money, and being so mindful of money, you're going to be rich. But I am not rich yet!

Sacred Money Archetypes created an awareness in me that there are people out there spending so much money, and yet they're still rich.

You only know what you know. And before I was exposed to this world, I only knew about saving money. Letting go of feeling like I have to hoard money because of this course is what allowed me to be more financially stable.

I don't want to speak for everybody, but I think we do feel very stressed out by living the Accumulator lifestyle. I think it's stressful to always be paying attention to what you're spending and how you're spending it.

Sacred Money Archetypes has shown me there's a way to live and run your business that's not so damned stressful.

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I need to use a lot of software to run my business and the software charge is quite expensive. So, my Accumulator sabotage is saying, "No. Just do it by yourself. Spend more time, and then you can analyze better." But actually, that's wasting time.

Sacred Money Archetypes taught me to not be cheap and just do it.

I now use the software and it helps me save more time and be more efficient.

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In many Indian families, it's all about the Accumulator life. It's all about living very frugally. Do the thing. And then, years down the road, you can enjoy. So I grew up with that mentality.

But I have the ability to do bold and risky things to earn money.

I was 23 years old, I bought my first home. Nobody in my community was buying real estate because we were just starting out. But I knew that the market was going to take off. And I decided if I can just save $10,000, I will get a house.

And a year later, the market went crazy, and I sold the home and made a profit of $165,000, which was unbelievable.

And you know what happened? I totally sabotaged myself by putting the money away - I said, "I'll save it for another time." Instead, the money sort of bled out in different ways. It just kind of went away. I never got to enjoy that like, "Oh, I made this money. Let me reinvest it in something." Because my Maverick probably could have made a million dollars from it!

But I have this belief "It's got to be slow and steady wins the race." And so, my sabotage is to do this expansion, contraction thing a lot. I'm really trying to move out of that, to hold the energy of my ability to bring in big chunks of money.

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What would you say to someone who wants to join Sacred Money Archetypes?

I would definitely recommend it. As Accumulators, we can worry about big upfront investments. But by holding back here, you might be sabotaging yourself. In the course, you learn how to step into yourself and go with the flow.

You flow with your personality and work with your Money Archetype, instead of against it.

Once you master that, you can use it as a springboard for your success and the abundance that you want for your life and career.

It's also fantastic for those of us who interact with others in business, which is probably all of us. The course helps you to understand other people and build empathy for how they might feel and think.

This new way of thinking can potentially open up new channels of success and abundance for yourself, as well.

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