I’ve reached a point where I have more money than I know what to do with, thanks to SMA!

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I’ve reached a point where I have more money than I know what to do with, thanks to SMA!


Steph West 

Social Coach for Neurodivergent Kids | USA
Archetype: Accumulator

I'm Steph. I run a business teaching kids with autism and ADHD, how to make friends. In addition to being an Accumulator, I am a Maverick and Ruler.


How has discovering your Archetypes helped you in business?

The Maverick and the Ruler  help me be more comfortable spending money in my business. I spent the most I've ever spent a few months ago, to work with a media specialist. From that experience, I got published in Forbes. So even though there's no money tied to that, it's developing the understanding that not all monetary investments come back as money. 

What was one of the biggest insights you had about being an Accumulator?

"You think that by being an Accumulator, you're going to be rich. You think that by saving and not spending money and being so mindful around money, that you're going to be rich. I am not rich. So I think it just created this awareness that there are people out there, spending so much money and they are still rich. They're not running out of money. So to me it was the concept of there being different options. Before I was exposed to this world, I only knew about saving money. But that has not gotten me rich. By letting go of feeling like I have to hoard money, it has allowed me to become more financially stable. "

What was your biggest takeaway from the Sacred Money Archetypes® course as an Accumulator?

I don't want to speak for everybody, but I think we do feel very stressed out by living the Accumulator lifestyle. Like I think it's stressful to always be paying attention to what you're spending and how you're spending and it's stressful. So I think if somebody comes along and is like, Hey, let me, let me help you not be this way anymore. You're like, oh please. You see that other people are doing things differently and they are more successful than you are financially. Also, it's like there's a way to live and there's a way to run your business, that's not so stressful.



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