Sacred Money Archetypes® helped me simplify my business model

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Sacred Money Archetypes® helped me simplify my business model


Lennis Perez

Wellness Engineer | USA
Archetype: Accumulator

My name is Lennis. I am a wellness engineer. I am trained as a chemical engineer and worked in industry for 16 years. And now what I do is I help women in STEM let go of all the stress and chaos that comes with being in a male-dominated field, and create more ease, impact and fulfillment at the end of their day. I am an Accumulator, Nurturer & Ruler.


Was there anything surprising when you found out about your Archetypes?

I think for me, the first realization, just with the archetypes, is that not everybody thinks like me, like an Accumulator. That was a big smack in the face. And another part was just giving me context on why I struggled so much in my previous marriage and relationship, to be married to someone that was ... his sense of safety did not come from seeing money in the bank. My sense of safety comes from seeing money and having that cushion in the bank. He was a big risk taker, and seeing us living paycheck to paycheck just caused me so much emotional baggage. And having clarity that, "Wait a minute. As an Accumulator, this is what makes me feel safe." Truly, my safety comes from seeing the money, saving money, putting it away, like taking care of it so that it can take care of me later on.

So for me, that was just a tremendous awareness that came from understanding that I am an Accumulator. 

What have you changed in your life since discovering your Archetypes?

Knowing my other top archetypes was such a blessing for me. Number one, I think, as we're hearing with the Rulers, right, it's the constantly working, constantly doing. And for me, that was also a numbing mechanism, because I didn't want to go through the process of healing like the little traumas that I was carrying in my life. I was just constantly doing. So recognizing that Ruler and saying, "I can lean into your strengths, but you don't have to ‘rule’ over me," kind of mentality was really important.

"I am a natural nurturer. I love taking care of my family, taking care of the people that I love. Very over-giving to the point of stretching myself too much. So bringing that back a little bit. And actually using the Nurturer towards me. Shifting that energy for myself, that was a huge shift."

Because as Accumulators, it's like, "Well, I accumulate things and I complete things. And then I have to work really, really hard." And then the Nurturer is like, "It's only for the external. It's only for people outside." So for me, it was just bringing it in, and using the Nurturer for myself was a giant gift.

What have you changed in your business since discovering your Archetypes?

I was able to let go of trying to do a one-on-one coaching system. Because of the perfectionism from the Accumulator and the Ruler, I just wanted to move into my client's house and make them do some work. And that was just such a nightmare. So I completely shifted my model to "I'm the consultant. Here, this is all the knowledge that I've accumulated. This is what you need to do. And these are the exercises. But I'm not doing it for you." So that was a big shift for my business. And now the way I work is with groups. 

So recognizing it all was just a giant aha for me. For example, "I need my Nurturer right now a little bit more than my Ruler." Or, "I need my Ruler right now when I'm launching my business versus my Accumulator or Nurturer."

What is your favorite aspect of Sacred Money Archetypes®?

You're challenging how we operate. And that sparks curiosity. It's like, "Wait a minute. There's a different way. Really?" And just that challenge of, "Hey, you know this messaging that you've been getting? Let's put it in a way that it's going to help you." And that is what attracted me. It's like if I can have a framework that is going to help me understand myself and understand how I work with others, I'm totally in. 

I love that you give us the framework, but I also have to try it for myself and adapt it to how it works for me. So I think this is why SMA is so magnificent, because it's just giving you the strength and the weaknesses. Now it's on you to apply it into your own life and business. I really like that.

"It’s helped me give myself permission to change my mind. It's also very eye-opening to see there's many different ways of running a business. And just because a business model works for you right now, doesn't mean that it has to stay fixed for the rest of your life. That really has had such a positive influence on me and my Ruler because I now realize that I can change my mind. I have permission to do that."


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