Who is the Celebrity Money Archetype? The Ultimate Guide

sacred money archetypes

The Celebrity Archetype is the fabulous star and impeccable tastemaker who loves the spotlight and microphone but sometimes lives way beyond their means on luxury goods, travel, and VIP experiences. 

Sacred Money Archetypes®  are a way of understanding how you are in the world, especially around finances - how you think, feel, and behave with money. 

Of course, they are all about how you relate to money and wealth, but, as founder and creator of The Sacred Money Archetypes® program, and my money mentor, Kendall Summerhawk, explains, 

“The way we do money, is the way we do everything.” 

So discovering and working with these archetypes can have a profound impact on all areas of your life and business.

You can find out more about your Archetype and take the Money Archetypes Quiz here

There are 8 Archetypes and this is your guide to the Celebrity. 

The Celebrity’s charismatic personality makes them a magnet for attracting 5-star people and experiences. They love to bring on the bling, create a lot of attention, and they deeply appreciate the doors that money can open.

But under the glitz and glam, they may be overcompensating for self-esteem issues. The Celebrity can use their love of designer clothes as a shield to hide their insecurity and often bad money habits behind the scenes. They often have the champagne lifestyle on a tap water budget, making them feel like a fraudulent wannabe. 

Celebrities might feel frustrated in the entrepreneurial world when they see people who seem to half-ass their business or put out substandard quality, moving ahead and making money.

Part of their worries are that they will overshadow others if they fully step into their full Celebrity power. But they're allowed to have both money and love; they don't have to choose! If they embrace their business gifts, they can buy everything on their dream board and create financial stability! 

The Celebrity is you if you…
  • Value money as a tool to achieve the status, image and recognition you want.
  • Have no problem spending money to enhance your image, including designer brands, hip clothing, entertaining and plenty of bling.
  • Love to stand out in the crowd and impress people.
  • Likely didn't receive the approval, unconditional love or positive opinion from people important to you as a child.
  • Often have a charismatic or magnetic personality.
  • Love being recognized anytime they're generous.
  • Often project an image of wealth and success that might not match your bank account balance.
  • Have a business that often includes a lot of visibility or making a big impression.
  • Feel that by showing wealth you'll protect yourself from the negative opinions or judgment of others.

Each of the 8 Sacred Money Archetypes® has strengths and challenges. 

Here are the Celebrity’s strengths, they; 
  • Role model very high living standards and always know the right solution. 
  • Effortlessly stand out in a crowd or on stage, and people love watching them shine in the spotlight. 
  • Are incredibly generous with others, either with gifts or bringing them into their First Class world. 
  • Are magnetic, confident, and radiant and inspire others to uplevel their image.  
  • Makeover and help others to make a great impression. 
  • Are a leader, trendsetter, and taste-maker. As a result, people come to them for trusted advice and recommendations. 
The Celebrity’s challenges are that they; 
  • Ignore growing debt problems and often don't pay attention to paying bills on time.  
  • Get bored with logistical details in your business and often abandon almost finished projects. 
  • May find themselves the target of jealousy from others and shrink themselves or their fabulousness.  
  • Spend money to avoid feeling sad, bored, or unappreciated. 
  • Overspend to impress or keep up with other people, even if they can't afford it. 
  • Often value status above financial security and avoid thinking about the future. 
  • Often ignore financial details and get late fees or fines.

Click here to watch a roundtable of Celebrity entrepreneurs discussing their money gifts and challenges and how they've used the SMA framework to grow their businesses.

What about real, famous people? How can you tell if someone is a Celebrity?

They will give little clues in their interviews, quotes, and entrepreneurial endeavors, and by watching their challenges play out in public!

Here are some famous people I think could have Celebrity tendencies, check out what they have said about money:


Elizabeth Taylor, actress, philanthropist, and entrepreneur

"You can't cry on a diamond's shoulder, and diamonds won't keep you warm at night, but they're sure fun when the sun shines."


Elton John, performer and philanthropist

"Unless you show off, you're not going to get noticed."


RuPaul, performer, and producer

"When you become the image of your own imagination, it's the most powerful thing you could ever do." 

 Are you intrigued to find out what your Sacred Money Archetype is? Do you think you are a Celebrity? Click here to take the quiz or enter your details below to watch the Celebrity edition of the ‘Leverage Your Strengths and Make More Money’ workshop.

  Watch the “How to Leverage Your CELEBRITY Strengths and Make More Money” workshop.

Here’s what some fellow Celebrities have said about discovering their Archetype and the Sacred Money Archetypes® business course:


"I love Sacred Money Archetypes! It really gave me a base to jump from in my personal life and it allowed me to see both my grandmother and mother in new lights, breaking some of those deep held family beliefs and stories."

Archetype: Celebrity


“Owning my Celebrity unashamedly has been so empowering for my life and business. I attract my ideal clients, I’m more magnetic. When I found out I was a Celebrity, I had a 30 second shock and then I just kind of fell into my own body. Everything made sense suddenly."

Business Coach for Entrepreneurs, USA
Archetype: Celebrity

"I changed my entire business to work with my archetype. Before I did SMA, my Celebrity was hiding. Now I feel like I don't have to hold back. I want to show up more. I want to shine. I buy clothes other than black. For anybody that's considering SMA, know that your archetype could be hiding. Trauma and environment and relationships were some of the things that caused me to suppress my Celebrity."

Shine Coach & Author, USA
Archetype: Celebrity

"Being a Celebrity was no great surprise. I felt like finally, I get to own it and have really beautiful things. I work in show business. Knowing my archetype validated my experience on planet earth, as a performer. I've positioned myself in a place where I don't have to work very much. My Celebrity archetype knows that I need to have a hotel with really good pillows. To do a good job I need a comfortable, easy ride - I'm done with hustling. I’ve realized that the more I relax, the more money I make. I had my first 10K month last year. Since SMA, I start my mornings with health. I get up at half six and I’m straight in the hot tub where I meditate. My million dollar hot tub! I get my best ideas in there."

Music Agency Director, UK
Archetype: Celebrity

"Since doing the SMA course, I finally feel like I can be myself - I have permission. When I’m in my Celebrity I have the most energy and I feel the happiest. The course was eye opening for me and it really helped me find myself and I feel so much better being me now."

Independent Scentsy Star Director, USA 
Archetype: Celebrity


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