Use My Money Manifesting Formula to Create More Abundance in Just 24 Hours!

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Get better at manifesting money using this simple formula – four steps to success!

Hey gorgeous, 

Who doesn’t want to get better at manifesting money?

Today I want to share with you my Money Manifesting Formula. It’s easy and so effective. Many people have used this exact same formula to manifest money in under 24hrs. Sounds crazy right? Play along with me and try it for yourself!

Now, often this is when our money blocks start coming up:

“This is for people who’ve already got their shit sorted. It won’t work for me.” 

“I don’t have time for any of that woo woo stuff.” 

Let me tell you, I understand the fear and resistance. I’ve been there.

Now manifesting money makes me feel excited and full of potential.

Check out these easy visualisation exercises for busting through some of your blocks and boosting your money mindset. 

It’s ALL about changing your mindset. 

Are you ready to shift your mindset and start creating abundance? Let’s get stuck right in. Drum roll!

My Money Manifesting Formula

Step #1: Deal with your money stuff

And by that I mean: get real about where you’re at right now, what’s your current money mindset? Write down all those beliefs that you have about why you can’t go to the next income level. Write everything down and deal with that money stuff.

How to Create Abundance – Deal with Your Money Blocks

To create abundance, you have to work on releasing any negative energy you have around money.

Your internal voice might be running wild with this: ‘Well, I can’t manifest large amounts of money’, or ‘There’s no way I can do this’. Or, a favourite: ‘I have to work really hard to make money.’

Write it all down and then go through the list item by item. I want you to take time to ask yourself about each statement, ‘Is this really true?’ Most likely you’ll discover a lot of self-sabotage hiding out in that list!

So, write down your negative beliefs and then put them under the spotlight to find out if they’re true or not!

Step #2: Write down what you need

Next up, create your dream list. For example, you want to do a course or you want to book a holiday or you’ve just got a lot of debts that you need to pay. I want you to write down every single little bit that you need and put an income figure next to it.

Imagine you’re writing a letter to Santa and you know that pretty much everything on your list is guaranteed to come to fruition. What do you want? If you’d rather have something a bit more expensive, write it down. If the fear comes up, and you hear your internal voice going, ‘But I can’t have that’, go back to step one and clear it.

Write down what you would like to manifest now-ish; anything from within the next 24 hours to the next week. Keep the timeframe short. Make sure you’ve got everything on there, absolutely everything.

Take your calculator and add it all up. (One of my money tips is to have a calculator on hand all the time; I have a beautiful one). 

So, come up with a final figure and circle it. Let’s say you want to manifest $1,000 in the next 24 hours to a week.  

Step #3: Track all the money you receive

Here’s the next step. Track every single piece of money that comes into your life over the next 24 hours. Acknowledge it coming into your life. This is a really crucial step of the manifesting-money-in-24-hours formula.

This is a common mistake around manifesting money. You might be asking, ‘Universe, please send me $10,000.’ The Universe sends you all these little bits of money and you’re just not acknowledging them. You’re wondering, when am I gonna get my £10,000? It’s that feeling of never having enough, not acknowledging what is already coming into your life. 

As soon as you start to acknowledge it, you’ll begin to see the importance of the small steps you’re taking every moment towards your goal.

Step #4: Take action

Right, let’s get down to business. Come up with at least 30 things right now that you can do to manifest money. They don’t have to be all related to what you do. For example, if you have a business, start off with your standard offerings; the easy wins. But write down anything. It’s about getting the juices flowing and showing the Universe that you’re serious about this.

When you start taking action on the things on that list, the Universe will meet you halfway. You could create an offer. You could create a flash sale. You can ask for a pay increase at work. You can do something on the side, if you’ve got a full-time job.  There are so many things that you can do, but it’s up to you to initiate the process.

It’s like cogs; sometimes it only takes one little cog to start turning to activate a bigger cog. And that starts an even bigger cog turning. Then everything is moving! Start that little cog turning with these action steps that you can take today.

Now, when I say 24 hours, I mean it. I want you to start this process today. I want you to start it right now because, each time you exercise your manifesting muscle this gets easier and quicker. But you know what? Each time you do it, different beliefs might come up for you. There’s always more clearing of old money blocks and beliefs to do! I recommend spending 80% of your manifesting time on clearing blocks and shifting your money mindset. 

Here’s a recap of those steps:

  1. Deal with your stuff. Do everything that you can to deal with your stuff. Find the right mentor, do the courses, join Money Bootcamp.
  2. Write down everything you need and actually put a dollar figure beside it. Make it as accurate as you can and make it as detailed as you can. That’s really showing the Universe, ‘Here’s what I want.’ And write it like a list to Santa.
  3. Make sure you acknowledge every piece of money that comes into your life and keep on crossing off that number and coming up with your new one.
  4. Write down everything that you can do to make even a little bit of money and take action on it straight away. Right now, today, take action, move towards your money goal.

So there you have it! The 24-hour money manifesting formula. It is so easy. And exciting, once you get used to it.

Try it out; have some fun with it and let me know how it works for you. I love hearing your success stories.

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step,



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