How To Write and Publish Your Life-Changing Book in Five Simple Steps

Five steps towards self-publishing your own book

Hi there,

Writing MY books – the books that stayed inside me for ages because I was too scared to unleash them onto the world – changed my life.

They gave me instant credibility, a platform to talk to people about my business and I love seeing my name in print. It’s so fun and rewarding.

Lil’ ego boost!

But that’s not why I did it.

Ever since I learnt to read and my mom bought me an Olivetti typewriter for my 9th birthday, I’ve wanted to be a writer.

A real life author - helping and entertaining people with my stories and ideas.

I wrote Lucky BitchGet Rich, Lucky Bitchand Chillpreneur because they were dying to come out of me. I wanted my message to help people. 

I know you’ve got a story you’re itching to share too. I asked myself if I would regret not writing a book on my deathbed, and the answer was YES.

But it terrified me. What if people hate it?

My books are now published by Hay House but that’s not how I started out! 

It’s twelve years since I launched my first book. And my latest book, Chill and Prosper just came out and hit best-seller status! 

But back when I started, I self-published. And I did it super quick – I wrote a book in a month.

If you’ve got a story inside you bursting to come out, check out my quick guide to self-publishing. 

If writing a book is on your bucket list, get to it! You can have your book done pretty quickly if you’re motivated enough. 

I’m serious. Fast action is always rewarded by the Universe.

People often ask me how I wrote Lucky Bitch. The short answer is “I wrote a word document and made a pdf!”. But of course, there’s more to it than that.

So how do you write and publish your own book?

Five Simple Steps to Writing and Publishing Your Own Book

  1.       Set an intention to be a published author
  2.       Find creative ways to get it done… fast
  3.       Decide how you’re going to publish it
  4.       Plan how you’re going to make money out of your book
  5.       Chill, it’s never going to be perfect


In a nutshell….

1. Set an intention to be a published author

The actual desire to be a published author is hugely important because without that burning desire, it might not ever happen. The fear and procrastination will derail you, so if you keep your eye on the ultimate goal, you’ll be able to get through it.

Visualize yourself with your book on book shelves. See yourself signing books and having sales come pouring in. 

Imagine your cover. Visualize being interviewed on Oprah talking about your book. Put a mock cover on your dream board.

I set an intention to write a book but I didn’t have an idea. So I asked the Universe for a “Million dollar book title”. Within a week, I came up with Lucky Bitch!


2. Find creative ways to get it done… fast

There’s no need to spend years writing your book. Remember at school when you would pull an all nighter and get your 5000 word essay done? Well, channel that part of yourself.

I wrote my thesis at University in less than a month, so I knew I could do Lucky Bitch in the same timeframe. My thesis wasn’t amazing but it was a solid B and definitely enough to pass. 

Yes, it would have been fabulous if I was organized and diligent, but I wasn’t.

And I’m not now. So, if you’re like me (smart but a little bit lazy and prone to procrastination), don’t wait for the stars to align. Just hustle like you’ve got a school deadline.

There are so many ways to write your book fast, such as:

  • Transcribe being interviewed
  • Asking others to contribute
  • Mining blog articles
  • Suck it up and just chain yourself to the computer!

It’s also completely worth it to outsource some of the tricky aspects like editing and formatting rather than trying to do it yourself. That saves time too. 

If you’re on a budget, you can do it all yourself. You can always improve the book later (that’s the beauty of the self publishing model).


3. Decide how you’re going to publish it

There are so many different options on how to get published. Traditional publishing can be harder if you’re just starting out.

Besides, if you’re a control freak, self-publishing is a great option because you can create it exactly how you want it. You can self-publish now to build a platform and use it to attract a major publishing house later. This is what I did!

I love the immediacy of self-publishing. You could literally have a book up by the end of this week. The downside is that there is a lot of crap being published out there, but the advantage is that your work will stand out

Decide which platforms you’re going to use, such as CreateSpace, Smashwords, Kindle, ebook, Lulu, etc. You can start with one and add additional formats as you go, including print format. 

There is very little cost involved and virtually zero barriers to entry. You have no excuse.

When I started out I used Amazon CreateSpace and Kindle. 


4. Plan how you’re going to make money out of your book

Unfortunately, writing a book isn’t necessarily the ticket to winning the lottery. I’ve had clients who are officially a “best-selling author”, but not making enough for a full time income. It sucks, but it’s true.

The most successful self-publishing stories are either very prolific writers or entrepreneurs who have a big “back end” stable of other products and services.

Create a marketing plan using everything at your disposal – social media, blogging and anything else you can think of! You’re only limited by your imagination.

The great thing is that your book can build a platform of readers who know and like you. 

Some of those readers would love to work with you further, so survey your readers and listen to what they’re asking for.


5. Chill, it’s never going to be perfect

I’ve seen huge best-sellers with typos. It will happen, let go of perfectionism.

The beauty of self-publishing is that you can release new editions all the time.

Also – when you put your great work out into the world, you give complete strangers the opportunity to judge your work. That can be extremely tough, but don’t let that fear derail you.

Writing a book can literally change your life. Would you regret letting the opportunity pass you by just because you’re scared or frustrated by the process?

No – so just go for it!

I can’t wait to read your book!

Love, luck and abundance,

Denise x


P.S. For bonus points and more money, think about the next step people can take after reading your book. Make it easy for them to reach out and work with you.

Writing my book Get Rich, Lucky Bitch was the precursor for creating my course Money Bootcamp which has gone on to help over 8,000 people. 

Every single month people read Get Rich and join my course - your book can be an incredible business card and source of leads. Done right, you will learn a lot more from your backend offers than from book royalties. 

So how will you welcome people into your world when they love the book and move them towards your course, membership or high-ticket offer?

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