Why generic, cookie-cutter business advice won’t work

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Hi there, 

I’m sure you’re not new to the online business world.

Like me, you’ve probably done a million courses on marketing, sales, and confidence. 

Or you’re constantly reading business and personal development books, listening to podcasts, and dreaming about the possibilities for your own life. 

And I bet you’ve done a lot of personality tests too. 

Most creative entrepreneurs I know are hungry for insights and advice on how to grow a business. You’re ready to develop more confidence or create new habits to grow into your full potential. 

Working for yourself is an incredible privilege – one that gives you creative freedom, uncapped earning potential, and the chance to make a significant impact. 

I know a lot is happening globally, but we still live in an incredible time. 

Creative people who have a dream have the tools and technology to make it happen – without significant investment or financial backing from investors. 

Imagine what our grandmothers could have created with all the tools we have available to us. 

Freedom, choice, and the privilege of experimenting with creative dreams.  

But here’s the big problem: 

How do you know what works?

How do you know whose advice to follow? 

And what do you do when you face that inevitable fear, resistance, and procrastination? 

Personally, I’ve wasted thousands of dollars following business advice that just didn’t feel authentic to me. 

Most business gurus teach what they know.

But ultimately, what works for them doesn’t automatically work for you. 

Your working pace, creative process, or motivation might be completely different from other people’s.

And it can be tough to find a mentor who looks like you or understands the stage of life and business you’re at.

So if you’re following cookie-cutter advice, it can lead to frustration or burnout. 

I discovered the best way to create a thriving business is unique to your money personality, and now I want to share the secret with you…

You can build your business on intuition or through painful trial and error…

You try to change who you are or copy the gurus.

Or you can short-cut that journey with a more personalized path for you. 

Taking your individual strengths, values, needs, and challenges into consideration. 

You still have to take responsibility for your results – but you don’t have to start from scratch.

To help you honor who you truly are and fast-track your success, I created eight video workshops - one for each Money Archetype - to give you tailored coaching on leveraging your strengths and making more money. 

Click here to take the Archetype Quiz and get your personalized training from me.

The complete FREE workshop is available now. 

Your Money Archetype impacts everything in your business. How you market yourself, how you price your products and services, and how much you allow yourself to earn.

The difference between those who continue to struggle and those who interrupt the pattern and turn things around is this:

People who become incredibly successful with money honor their true selves.

It’s time for you to discover your path of least resistance and your unique path to wealth. 

Click to take the quiz and join your Leverage Your Strengths Workshop now

xx Denise

P.S. Even if you’ve taken the quiz before and you think you know about your Archetype, I can not recommend enough that you take a closer look.

Every part of this free workshop is tailored to your Archetype so you get practical, real-world tips that you can immediately implement to make more money. 

Honestly, if all you do is take the workshop to see my 40+ costume and the different sets for each of the 8 Archetypes, it’s totally worth it. Huge fun. 

See you on the inside! 



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