Who is the Alchemist Money Archetype? The Ultimate Guide

sacred money archetypes

The Alchemist is the idea generator, dreamer of possibilities, and sometimes woo-woo hippie who gets stuck at the follow-through stage and struggles to make money out of their millions of ideas.

Sacred Money Archetypes®  are a way of understanding how you are in the world, especially around finances - how you think, feel, and behave with money. 

Of course, they are all about how you relate to money and wealth, but, as founder and creator of The Sacred Money Archetypes® program, and my money mentor, Kendall Summerhawk, explains, 

“The way we do money, is the way we do everything.” 

So discovering and working with these archetypes can have a profound impact on all areas of your life and business.

You can find out more about your Archetype and take the Money Archetypes Quiz here. 

There are 8 Archetypes and this is your guide to the Alchemist.

Alchemists have so many ideas - incredible, revolutionary ideas but their bank account doesn't always reflect their creative genius.

The trouble is that they can't always monetize their creative ideas. Alchemists often flounder from business to business, leaving orphaned domain names in their wake (and sometimes disgruntled clients) while they move on to the next, shinier thing. Luckily they have a short memory for failure!

Their love/hate relationship with money only adds to the problem. They resent its importance in their life, but they're not bothered because they can manifest anything when needed!

Alchemists might feel frustrated in the entrepreneurial world when they see people half as creative as they are, moving ahead and making money.

The Alchemist is you if you…
  • Are attracted to unconventional or alternative ways of making money.
  • Care more about social justice and leading a movement than making money.
  • Often feel a love/hate relationship with money.
  • Can find yourself relying on others for financial support.
  • Inwardly feel vulnerable or insecure about your ability to create income.
  • Find it easy to empower others to believe in themselves.
  • Are talented at attracting money in unusual ways.
  • Believe there is an unfair balance of wealth in the world.
  • Never seem to have enough money to support the causes that are important to you.

 Each of the 8 Sacred Money Archetypes® has strengths and challenges. 

 Here are the Alchemist’s strengths, they;
  • Can see magical possibilities in anything; the smallest thing can inspire them.
  • Champion others and root for their success.
  • Are idealistic and optimistic about money. 
  • Believe it will always come when they need it.
  • Have a divine connection to Universal energy. Therefore, they need very little preparation.
  • Can create endless ideas, solutions, and possibilities for any problem.
  • Inspire others with their magical thinking. Others feel energized just by being in an Alchemist’s presence.
  • Can manifest money and opportunities at will. People will give them money, or it will show up when they need it!
 The Alchemist’s challenges are that they;
  • Get bored quickly with half-finished projects and have shiny object syndrome. 
  • Often judge (or resent) wealthy creatives as boring "sellouts."
  • Often rely on others for financial support, limiting your creativity and independence.
  • Can be flakey and unreliable when bored. 
  • Sometimes promise things they can't deliver.
  • Rebel against mainstream or boring ideas even if it would help their business.
  • Struggle with finishing and follow-through both for yourself and their clients.
  • Own approximately 5,245 domain names but don't do anything with them.
  • Feel frustrated about finding their 'calling' and jump from business to business. 

What about real, famous people? How can you tell if someone is an Alchemist?

They will give little clues in their interviews, quotes, and entrepreneurial endeavors, and by watching their challenges play out in public!

Here are some famous people I think could have Alchemist tendencies, check out what they have said about money:

Sarah Jessica Parker, actress, producer, and entrepreneur

"So many roads. So many detours. So many choices. So many mistakes." 


Sara Blakely, entrepreneur and inventor

"You've got to visualize where you're headed and be very clear about it. Take a Polaroid picture of where you're going to be in a few years."


Phoebe Buffay, musician

"I'm sorry I won't be able to make it to your imaginary wedding, but I'm really busy that day. I already have a unicorn baptism and a leprechaun bar mitzvah."

 Are you intrigued to find out what your Sacred Money Archetype is? Do you think you are an Alchemist? Click here to take the quiz or enter your details below to watch the Alchemist edition of the ‘Leverage Your Strengths and Make More Money’ workshop.

 Watch the “How to Leverage Your ALCHEMIST Strengths and Make More Money” workshop.

Here’s what some fellow Alchemists have said about discovering their Archetype and the Sacred Money Archetypes® business course:

 "I remember very clearly watching that first video - I cried. Up to that point, I had run my business from my Accumulator side. You gave me this permission slip. I remember taking it to my partner and saying to her, "Just watch this, it's me." It was so special to hear that not in a spiritual setting but in a business setting. That's been the strongest thing for me through doing SMA as an alchemist."

Behaviour & Education Specialist, Keynote Speaker & Author, UK
Archetype: Alchemist


"One of the first things that I read in the SMA course was that Alchemists find it easy to empower others to believe in themselves. I had never really heard that put in a business context or referred to as a primary strength. My second big aha was just because I can do something doesn't mean I should. In music, for example, I should not be producing all of my own work even though I technically know how to do audio production. It's not my area of genius and takes me forever. I now chose to work where my magic is and allowed myself to outsource the rest of it."

Life Coach, Composer & Writer, USA
Archetype: Alchemist


“I really got a lot out of SMA. I think it really helped me to understand myself and how I wanted to run my business. It gave me permission to run my business in my own way.”

Ceramics Artist, UK
Archetype: Alchemist


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