Who is the Accumulator Money Archetype? The Ultimate Guide

sacred money archetypes

The Accumulator is the banker, the money-conscious saver, and often penny- pinching bargain hunter who gets stuck in analysis paralysis and perfectionism.

Sacred Money Archetypes®  are a way of understanding how you are in the world, especially around finances - how you think, feel, and behave with money. 

Of course, they are all about how you relate to money and wealth, but, as founder and creator of The Sacred Money Archetypes® program, and my money mentor, Kendall Summerhawk, explains, 

“The way we do money, is the way we do everything.” 

So discovering and working with these archetypes can have a profound impact on all areas of your life and business.

You can find out more about your Archetype and take the Money Archetypes Quiz here

There are 8 Archetypes and this is your guide to the Accumulator.

Accumulators and money are a match made in heaven. 

 Saving money, building a nest egg, and living within their means comes easily to Accumulators. They have a natural ability to create financial stability because things like saving, investing and accumulating money are their gifts. 

 As a result, they rarely carry debt and make methodical, disciplined decisions but they do worry about spending even the smallest amounts of money and risking their safety net. They can't bring themselves to trust that money is an unlimited resource!

This fear that Accumulators will run out of cash can trigger extremely frugal behavior and limit their willingness to invest in themselves. Sound familiar? Keep reading on to find out more.

The Accumulator is you if you…
  • Tend to judge others for their money habits.
  • Feel a great emotional connection - love, joy, happiness - about saving money.
  • Often feel anxious, worried or greatly reluctant about spending money.
  • Likely to be frugal, overthink purchases or insist on only buying things on sale.
  • Are careful to always live below your means.
  • Often consider items or services a luxury that others consider commonplace.
  • Rarely, if ever, carry debt and are amazing at saving money.
  • Driven to save out of fear of being dependent or losing personal freedom.

 Each of the 8 Sacred Money Archetypes® has strengths and challenges. 

Here are the Accumulator’s strengths, they;
  • Have incredible attention to detail and see things other people miss.
  • Make wise, considered decisions with your money, read through the fine print carefully, and ask follow-up questions.
  • Are not embarrassed to negotiate or ask for a discount and often get it!
  • Are a brilliant researcher. They will find a better deal if one exists.
  • Are responsible, trustworthy, and ethical with their clients.
  • Have a methodical and disciplined work ethic. They will get it done on time and under budget.
  • Work strategically and patiently toward financial independence and will put instant gratification desires on the back burner if needed.
  • Are rarely in consumer debt as they save up for what you want.
  • They save money easily and build an excellent buffer for retirement.
 The Accumulator’s challenges are that they;
  • Often feel guilty about spending money, worried they will run out of savings, and end up destitute.
  • Can become obsessive or compulsively frugal, denying themselves of even basic comforts to save money.
  • Are skeptical and untrusting about other people's intentions.
  • Sometimes they assume the worst in people or instantly see all the ways a project could fail.
  • Can make business dreams get derailed by analysis paralysis and perfectionism.
  • They want to be assured it will all work out before leaping in faith.
  • Often feel pessimistic and anxious about the future, especially about the economy or interest rates.
  • Get anxious about investing in their business, making the right decision, or getting ripped off.
  • Are judgemental about other people's spending habits and often can't understand other people's motivations.

What about real, famous people? How can you tell if someone is an Accumulator?

They will give little clues in their interviews, quotes, and entrepreneurial endeavors, and by watching their challenges play out in public!

Here are some famous people I think could have Accumulator tendencies, check out what they have said about money:

Mayim Bialik, actor and TV host

"I happen to live a very frugal life. And that's just sort of because of the way I was raised, and it stuck with me. You know, I always live in financial fear, which is something I'm trying to work on."

Tiffany Haddish, actress

"I'm trying to create something, so when I turn 55 or 60, I don't have to work no more. I'm not about to spend it all up right now. I plan on living to at least 75. I need some money to play with."

 Suze Orman, author and financial advisor

"Money is like air — if you don't have air, you can't breathe."

Are you intrigued to find out what your Sacred Money Archetype is? Do you think you are an Accumulator? Click here to take the quiz or enter your details below to watch the Accumulator edition of the ‘Leverage Your Strengths and Make More Money’ workshop.

 Watch the “How to Leverage Your ACCUMULATOR Strengths and Make More Money” workshop.

Here’s what some fellow Accumulators have said about discovering their Archetype and the Sacred Money Archetypes® business course:

"My biggest “aha” has been that I am an Accumulator and that is why I always feel stressed about money. I am working on believing that there is always enough money. I have the power to always create wealth, no matter what happens.  SMA has helped me to understand myself so much better. I’ve been able to put boundaries in place around my time and taking weekends off and taking care of myself. I’m also no longer discounting ANYTHING! My prices are my prices."

Kajabi Coach & Specialist, South Africa
Archetype: Accumulator

"I felt so accepted in the course and that who I am is okay. You really reinforced that you don’t have to do this perfectly, you can show up to a call without having fully read everything or completed all of the exercises. I now realize that I can do things my way and be the kind of rich woman that I want to be."

Artist & Designer, USA
Archetype: Accumulator

 "It was interesting finding out I was Accumulator and realizing actually I'm quite good at numbers and quite frugal with it. Numbers, detail and caution are part of my personality. Since discovering SMA, I've moved to a coach consultant model, which has enabled me to massively increase my fees. And also, I've got happier clients. I've streamlined everything so I'm focusing on one target market and two main services. I've stopped working weekends and evenings."

Business Mentor, UK
Archetype: Accumulator

 "When I found out Accumulator was in my top three, so many things from my life made sense. I find it's really easy to invest in my business because I know it’ll come back to me tenfold. I’ve recently upped my rates and I've made 10 times more than usual. More people are hiring me; I’m more in demand. I feel really happy in my business, I feel valued, and well rewarded financially. When I joined SMA, there were so many reassuring touch points.

Illustrator, UK
Archetype: Accumulator

Click here to watch a roundtable of Accumulator entrepreneurs discussing their money gifts and challenges and how they've used the SMA framework to grow their businesses



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