Millionaire Mindset Lesson #1 - There’s Always More Money

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Hi gorgeous, I'm Denise Duffield-Thomas, money mindset mentor, author and founder of The Money Bootcamp. As you might know, I teach money mindset and clearing your money blocks so you can live a first class life.

Today I’m sharing one of my key Millionaire mindset lessons.

Becoming a millionaire doesn’t really make you special or clever, but the truth is that my biggest secret for becoming one is focusing on some very specific mindset upgrades.

This is the first mindset lesson I want you to master: There’s always more money.

There’s Always More Money

One of the cornerstones of the Chillpreneur philosophy is that there’s always more. There’s enough for everyone, and we live in a world of abundance.

Have you noticed that there's always at least more hair band if you really look for it. There's always one more coin in the bottom of your purse?

Of course, it doesn’t always feel like that.

I’m not saying income inequality isn’t real, and that there’s no poverty in the world. But chances are, you have every opportunity to change your circumstances.

Wealthy women are great for the planet, yet we still hold ourselves back. One way we keep ourselves small is by thinking that the world is a zero-sum game:

  • If I win, someone else is going to lose.
  • If I’m successful, it’s at someone else’s expense. 

That’s not true.

You can do some amazing things with your wealth.

There is no limit to what you can dream, and there’s no cap on your earning potential if you’re willing to do the work necessary in your business.

Never has this been so apparent to me, and in such a hilariously literal way, than when I was freaking out about buying our dream house.

It took years to manifest and finally the day came. We were driving across town to pick up the keys and, instead of feeling great, I was experiencing what Gay Hendricks calls an “upper limit problem,” which is the feeling that we’ve hit our capacity for success. It can feel like resistance, guilt or even a feeling like we’re about to get into trouble.

It was as if the adrenaline finally kicked in, and I realized what a massive manifestation we’d had pulled off. Just six weeks before, we didn’t have all the money we needed to buy the house, and part of me still didn’t believe we did it, even though we just completed the most successful launch we’d ever had.

I actually felt sick; Had we bitten off more than we could chew? Who did I think I was? Could we really afford this house in this swanky neighborhood? All these thoughts swirling around in my head cast a dark cloud over what should have been a day of celebration.

This is normal, by the way. I call it a “success hangover,” which is when something that is supposed to feel good has the opposite effect, and you feel weirdly guilty or bad.

During the car ride to our new property, I said to Mark, “Babe, we’re going to have to be so careful about money this year. With the new house to build, another baby and two mortgages, we’re going to have to really tighten our belts.”

He looked at me surprised and said, “That doesn’t sound like you!” I’m usually the most optimistic of us when it comes to reaching big goals, and I obviously teach money mindset, so he’d never heard me talk so negatively before. But I was spooked about this big dream coming true, and it didn’t feel good.

I let out the breath I was holding and said, “You’re right. There’s always more money.

At that very moment, a shower of $50 notes hit our car’s windshield: A literal cascade of money, at least a thousand dollars’ worth, exploded on our car like confetti.

Yes, really. This story isn’t metaphorical. Actual money hit our car! Mark’s windshield wipers came on automatically, and the money bounced and scattered all over the road, blowing into the trees lining the highway. We both screamed involuntarily and said simultaneously, “Did you see that?

Then I said, “Did that really happen?” We were both hysterical. Mark said, “Should we pull over?” I still couldn’t quite believe what happened, especially at the very moment I had affirmed out loud, “There’s always more money.” But I knew that it was a big message from the Universe.

That’s not the lesson,” I replied. “The actual money isn’t the point, and I definitely don’t want to scrabble around on this busy highway to collect money that doesn’t belong to us. The lesson is that there’s always more money, and we’re going to be fine.”

We both started laughing because it was just too weird. Was it a shared hallucination? All I know is that it was divine timing. Just at that moment of doubt and scarcity, the Universe decided to remind me that there’s always more money. There’s always enough.

And just like that, I felt incredible about the new property purchase. I decided to live in a world of abundance and not scarcity.

And now, I drive up and down that road several times a week and remember the lesson: There’s always more.

I’m sometimes tempted to look for a stray note in the bushes, but even better is that regular reminder to stay in prosperity consciousness.

To this day, I have no idea how it happened. Maybe someone was about to buy something in cash, and it accidentally blew out the window. Who knows? I’ve never heard another person from my town mention it. I still laugh about the divine timing, and I hope you remember it too.

There’s always enough. There are always enough clients. I mean, how many do you need to replace your day job or have a successful, thriving business?


Run the numbers and figure out how many you need. And if you increase your prices or streamline your business, you might need even fewer than you think. With so many billions of people in the world, there are a lot of potential customers looking for exactly what you can deliver. And you need only a tiny percentage of them to buy!

There’s always enough. There are always more opportunities.

So, you missed out on an important project or speaking gig. Who cares? There are a million other conferences to go to, and more clients that will probably suit you better, so breathe and let go of your fear of missing out.

There are always more opportunities.

There are always more ideas.

So, your practice business didn’t pan out. That doesn’t mean you’re a failed entrepreneur. It simply means you’re an entrepreneur! Think how many Virgin offshoots Sir Richard Branson has tried out (Virgin Brides or Virgin Cola anyone?). If Branson understands anything, it’s that ideas are abundant and, if one doesn’t work, there’s always another one around the corner.

There’s always more time.

So many women feel an internal urgency to do all the things right now. For example, how many potential book ideas are rattling around in your head at the moment (at least three for me) that feel like they all need to be birthed now? You can be in only one stage of pregnancy at a time.

Let it all unfold in perfect, divine timing.

Paradoxically, I’ve found that, when I take the attitude of “abundant time,” I get a lot more done! If I take the pressure off myself to do everything, I naturally find myself being more productive.

Maybe when you’re not forcing yourself, you don’t get as bogged down in resistance and procrastination.

Remember this lesson:

There’s always enough money, and acquiring more of it won’t deprive others of wealth. I want you to write this down somewhere where you can see it.

The world is an abundant place - and there's always more money. 

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