Sacred Money Archetypes has helped me expand my team

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Sacred Money Archetypes has  helped me expand  my team


Mattia Mauree

Life Coach, Composer & Writer | USA
Archetype: Alchemist

My name is Mattia and I'm a life coach for neurodivergent queer people. And I would say within that, even a smaller niche of burnt-out, former-gifted, neurodivergent queer people. I'm on the east coast of the US in Philadelphia, and I grew up in Seattle. My top three archetypes are Alchemist, Ruler, Accumulator.


Was there anything surprising when you found out your Archetypes?

"I found it to be a really interesting mix because I have noticed that it's almost like the autistic part of my brain is the Accumulator. And then the Alchemist is the creative part of my brain. I feel like it really opened up a lot of possibilities around letting the creative part of myself be part of the money and not just the Accumulator part of me. So this has been really great."

I remember one of the things that I read in the materials initially in SMA was, “You find it easy to empower others to believe in themselves.” I had just never really heard that, but in a business context, or saying that was one of my primary strengths, which it definitely is. And that it wasn't just about convincing people to give me money. It was about empowering them to do more as well, which is a lot of what I do.

I also have a podcast called The Longer Road for people with multiple marginalized identities. A lot of people with multiple marginalized identities are poor because of structural inequities and all these things that they've had to work through. One of the things that I'm trying to help people with is, even if you have these things, even if you're disabled, there are still usually things you can do, especially in this online world.

So even though I don't see myself as a business coach, that's not the main thing at all, it's part of that message of what I'm doing to try to help people. So that was really, really meaningful for me, I think, and probably my first big surprise.

The second thing I found surprising was just because I can do something, doesn't mean I should, especially for money. Just because I look at something and go, "Oh yeah, I could probably figure that out." Like in music, for example, I should not be producing all of my own work, even though I technically know how to do audio production. It's not my area of genius. Takes me forever. And it's probably still not as good as a paid professional where that is their only job. So many areas where I just went, "Oh, okay. Here's where my magic is and I'm allowed to just outsource the rest of it and not try to do everything myself."

What are some of the sabotages you experience because of your Archetypes?

"I think one of mine was the kind of love-hate relationship with money part of it and feeling judgemental about money. Again, coming out of an artist background. And there's obviously a lot of stereotypes in the artist world that it's good to be poor, it's noble to be poor. And also that charging for your work, especially to other artists, is not cool. A lot of what was great about SMA for me was really going, "Oh, okay, this isn't just because of my background. This is actually a part of who I am," and noticing that, accepting that, and then figuring out how to get around it has been really useful."

Sometimes people would owe me money and I would maybe follow up once, maybe not,  and then just let it go. I was not necessarily invoicing people the way that I should or really following up. So there have been a lot of potential chunks of money I've just kind of let go. Or even actually, that something somebody just said about workshops and stuff, I actually taught a free workshop recently and a bunch of people came to it and somebody was like, "Oh, have you thought about packaging this up and selling it as a course?" And I was like, "Nope, that had not occurred to me, I guess." That's cool that people would like it.

So anyway, both having a lot of ideas and not necessarily knowing how to apply them, but then that love-hate thing with money sometimes, really learning how to ask for and receive money, and then have it once I have it and not just immediately give it away.

How did your Alchemist show up in your childhood and what did that look like?

So when I was six, I learned how to crochet and I learned how to crochet a flat circle. I would take two of those, sew them together, like put a thread on it and make it a coin purse and then go sell it to old women in the park for a dollar. And I started doing that. And then by the time I was 10, my parents had actually made a rule that I was only allowed to sell things on Saturdays and only with prior parental permission, because I was just selling anything and everything I could think of at that point.

So it's funny. I have thought that if I had been raised as a boy, I probably would have been praised for that and probably would've more actively started a business younger, but I definitely was getting the message very young. This is a weird thing that you're doing. Why are you always trying to get money? I do think that it was not treated as a positive thing for sure. I was always getting weird opportunities as well. Like I actually made a good amount of money as a child just doing random stuff and doing entertainment stuff, which Denise, I know you did too.

It's interesting that when you're pulling that stuff in and your parents are just like, "What's happening?" I was not getting positive feedback for that. I also think the child of that childlike ideas and spirit thing, because definitely one of the things I work with neurodivergent people on is, learning how to stem again and use fidget toys, do what you need to do to feel good and not just try to be an adult and mask all the time and not really be yourself because ultimately that builds up, I think, and causes a lot of stress.

So I actually think being able to access that childlike part of me and putting that out there and just being silly and goofy has actually attracted some of my best clients. So it's actually a really important part of who I am in the world at this point.

Why did you join Sacred Money Archetypes®?

I remember seeing that you can half-ass it. And I joined Money Bootcamp first. So I was already in that community. So for me, SMA was kind of adding onto that and just kind of going deeper, learning more about myself. I remember feeling like you took me seriously as a CEO making decisions about my own business. You were saying, "You will be making your own decisions and I'm not here to tell you what to do. And at the same time, giving you support to learn more about yourself."

"And I also remember, I actually emailed you before I joined. And I was just like, "Hey, I know it's woman oriented. I'm non-binary. I just want to make sure it's okay if I join." I remember that whoever answered me, gave me a really good answer. That's something I personally look for - I'm fine with it being mostly women, as long as there's some awareness of gender diversity and at least a nod to that. And I remember there was something in that answer that was like, "Yes, we are actively thinking about this and making sure that we are acknowledging different genders when we're making marketing." And I really appreciated that as well. "


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