Stop Wasting Energy – Set Boundaries in Your Business Today

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Hello gorgeous, 

Do you need better boundaries? You’re not alone!

Boundary problems are so common for female entrepreneurs and they can destroy your business. Setting boundaries is challenging; you can feel like a bitch for having them and people will certainly push against them!

Are you suffering from…

  •     Clients not paying
  •     Discounting clients
  •     Bartering or working for free
  •     Not earning what you think you’re worth?

All of these SUCK right? 

Let’s look at some ways to get free of the unhealthy boundary trap.

When you get a handle on creating healthy boundaries and design your life to make YOU happy first and foremost, you’ll actually start to make more money and enjoy your life and business again.

Create a Better Life

When you really get this lesson, you’ll see that having strong boundaries is actually the most loving and respectful thing you can do and one that will attract a better quality of clients, friends and other people into your life.

Let’s Get Started on Healthy Boundaries

Here’s an easy but symbolic act that I promise will make a BIG impact.

Set boundaries around your time.

When I first started in my business, I would coach people at 5am. It SUCKED big time and I wasn’t present with my clients or happy getting up at the crack of dawn. It made me grumpy and sleepy for the rest of the day.

Why did I do it? Because I thought that if I said no to my international clients, they wouldn’t book with me again. I wanted to be accommodating, even if it affected my quality of life.

My coach, Fabienne Fredrickson, told me that she has turned down many international clients because she refused to budge on her schedule. She told me;

“I am more important than money. They will find another coach who suits their needs better”.

And guess what? You will find more than enough clients that will work with your new and improved schedule, plus you’ll be WAY happier.

The Power of Saying No

It’s ok to protect your time by saying no. Have you noticed that the people who demand most free help are the least gracious? And it’s ok, we’ve all been there and acted from a place of people pleasing. When I first started out, I’d meet  potential clients for coffee dates to give free advice and even end up paying for my coffee too!

For me one of my biggest lessons around setting boundaries with my time was to say no to certain clients and to be upfront that I wasn’t a substitute for therapy.

I coached ANYONE back then, including people who didn’t really have a business (or big goals), and kind of just wanted to vent or complain.

Not all of my clients were like this – most were amazing! But, because I was so cheap, I was a magnet for clients with huge money problems, or people who just wanted to win the lottery to get them out of a desperate situation. I also attracted a lot of people who just wanted to pick my brains.

I’m gonna say that again… Because I was cheap, I attracted more of the wrong sort of clients - people who weren’t ready to work with me.

Do This!

Setting boundaries around offering free advice needs to become a practice. 

The first time you do it, you’ll probably feel mean but put yourself in the other person’s shoes and consider what’s right for their highest good. If you have an excellent solution for them don’t get sucked into giving them a below par experience - let them sign up to and enjoy your full package. 

Or if they’re not a good fit for you and you don’t feel good about working with them, release them to work with someone who is a good fit.

Secret reveal… people who want to take advantage of you will never go away. The best thing you can do to protect your time is to establish better boundaries and direct brain pickers to the paid services you offer.

Here’s a few scripts you can use:

  • Great to hear from you… and great question! I can't answer questions about this course privately but if you ask it publicly in the group and tag me, everyone can benefit from my answer and you’ll get the community wisdom too!
  • Thanks so much for your message. It sounds as though you’re in a really challenging situation. My programme is perfectly designed for people in your circumstances and can help in the following ways (list benefits)
  • Thanks for reaching out. I can’t accommodate a meet up but I’d love to help you out. It sounds as though my mentoring package might be the perfect fit for you. Here are the details.

Or this one, which I love because it ties right in with my core values!

  • Thanks for your interest in meeting with me. Unfortunately I can’t because the time I don’t spend with clients is spent with my family.

What’s Your Energy Around Setting Boundaries?

Take a look to see if there’s a reason you’re attracting brain pickers or people who expect you to give your time for free.

Are you training people to get your valuable time for free by always being available and never saying no?

Know this - you’re 100% worth the money you charge!

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step.

Denise xx

PS: I’d love to hear from you. Comment below (or hit reply) and tell me what is your biggest boundary you’re struggling with today?


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