Product Launch Formula review

Hey gorgeous,

Considering buying Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula, but worried about buying yet another course? I hear ya!

I wasn’t sure if it was for me either, and to be honest, for the first few months, I didn’t even open the modules… whoops. Mostly because I had massive launch resistance, and my course is an evergreen one so I wasn’t sure I even needed it.

So, why did I buy? Fomo to be honest! (Jeff cleverly only launches once per year).

Then something happened. I decided to do a launch last year, so I watched a few modules… and then a few more. And then my husband Mark came on board into my business and didn’t know much about internet marketing so I gave him my passwords to the course and told him to knock himself out.

Then suddenly Mark was saying “Jeff says to do it this way”… so I started watching again. Then spurred on by Jeff, we decided to do a big launch last month and had awesome results (more on that in a bit).

I have purchased and completed a LOT of business, personal development and marketing programs both online and in person and there are only a small number I would actively recommend and promote to my Lucky Bee community. This course has changed my business so I hope this review is useful for you…

What is PLF?

Jeff Walker is the creator of Product Launch Formula (PLF) and one of the absolute best in the internet marketing world. Over two decades, Jeff has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs to launch new products and services online that have generated over $500 million! Crazy…

Check out the Product Launch Formula website here.

Author of the New York Best Selling book “Launch” Jeff has developed PLF as a proven step-by-step PROCESS for launching anything online that you can follow and implement in your business. PLF is one of the best-selling internet marketing programs of ALL-TIME with sales approaching $30 million.

No seriously, read that again. Jeff has sold almost THIRTY MILLION dollars of his course. 

I think he knows a little bit about launching, right?!

And if the $30m thing freaks you out – know that you can use what he teaches to make your first $1000 in your business.

Then rinse and repeat until you hit your ideal target.

What I love about Jeff is that he is CHILL… he prioritizes freedom, family and lifestyle. This makes his teaching and videos very relatable – he’s a likeable guy – not one of the super-salesy internet marketing guys in a cheesy suit.

Product Launch FormulaPLF is Jeff’s signature program and a course and sales in almost ANY type of business. This is not a theoretical course, it is a marketing intensive that will show you exactly how to structure your next launch – what to say, when and how.

PLF is an online program that once you purchase you have ongoing access to via an online portal. In this portal you can access everything that is included below and ask questions of Jeff’s team and others within the PLF community. You can access the course at your pace and at your convenience which was awesome for me with a business to run and two kids.

What Results Have I Achieved with PLF?

Since implementing PLF in our business we've ran almost 20 product launches and generated over $10m in revenue. We're also now one of the top affiliate partners for PLF because we give away a bonus that takes you behind the scenes of how we use PLF and how we run our launches. 

This is a real life case study and I am proof that PLF is working now for online product launches, and for evergreen courses like mine.

Implementing PLF gave my launch more structure, better planning, a stronger affiliate strategy, a much more effective close, thousands of new leads and ultimately more sales.

Oh, and it was genius for Mark to follow since he likes rules and structure.

Interested in hearing more about this big launch? 


What’s Included in PLF?

Seriously, there’s a LOT.

I would estimate that PLF includes somewhere in the region of 80 teaching videos from Jeff and maybe 40 hours of premium content that dissects every possible element of your launch.

REMEMBER – You don’t have to watch everything for it to be useful. One of my successful launches last year, I had only watched the first few modules, and I didn’t even finish the course until this year. (I’ll admit, I still haven’t watched everything, some lessons I skipped because I didn’t need them right now, but it’s nice to know they are there).

The program includes a Launch road map and seven in-depth MODULES covering everything from Jeff’s fundamental sales strategy “The Sideways Sales Letter” to preparing for your launch, setting launch goals, building your list, telling your launch story, developing pre-launch content and creating videos that convert.

There is so much detail and so many intricacies in this content that I could not possibly summarise it all here and beside, I wouldn’t want to, Jeff is the one that can do it real justice and he always throws in some cool bonuses and extra value as well.

Click here for more info on Product Launch Formula.

Something I didn’t even realise until I completed PLF was that there are four or five different TYPES of launches and you need a different strategy and schedule for each one. These launches can be used at different times of your business journey and there’s even had an awesome training on how to STACK launches one after another to create MASSIVE momentum in your business.

Don’t feel overwhelmed – you just pick the strategy you want to work on first.

When I first starting implementing PLF one area that was really underutilized in my business were my affiliate partnerships so I got some amazing a-has and techniques from Jeff on Joint Venture and affiliate launches and how these can complement or be separate from your main launches – this is gold and was a big driver in my last launch.

Product Launch Formula is ONLY available once a year (enrolment next open in October 2022) and it's always super popular – CLICK HERE to join the notification list.

In addition to the many video modules that you can watch anytime on line, Jeff provides a PDF summary and PDF transcript of every video and you can download the audio or files to take offline. I found the PDFs really useful to scan over content of some videos and an easy way to jump in and refresh your mind on specific topics.

When I recently implemented PLF in my launch the PLF website and modules were permanently open on my computer as a reference point EVERY step of the way. And Mark sent me notes regularly… (even when he went overseas towards the end of the launch…)

There is a great COMMUNITY of other entrepreneurs and fellow PLFers within the portal for you to learn from and ask questions of – this is a priceless resource! You can even get actual access to Jeff via group coaching calls and Hot Seat Q&A videos at certain times of the year.

If like me, you want actual examples from real businesses don’t worry – its in PLF too. There are a lot of CASE STUDIES all the way through the course both from Jeff’s business and from his other students. One element that really helped during my launch was that Jeff shares his SWIPE FILE including blog and email copy – this was awesome inspiration and a great template for me to work from.

Once a year my launch mentor Jeff Walker opens enrollment for his game-changing Product Launch Formula program and the doors will open again in September 2023.

I have personally implemented PLF in my business to generate almost $8m in revenue over the last 5 years. I've ran 15 six-figure+ launches using the Product Launch Formula including my biggest ever launch this year.

I partner with Jeff to promote PLF because I've seen the incredible impact of this system in my business and I highly recommend it to my community, customers and business contacts. 

I also offer an exclusive "PLF Bonus" for anyone that joins the 2023 PLF Coaching Program through my affiliate link.

Click here to get on my notification list for the 2023 launch. You'll be among the first to hear about PLF 2023 and my PLF Bonus as soon as registration opens.

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