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Starting a business can be super exciting but also very overwhelming. For some reason, there is a belief that you have to create the perfect plan before taking any action. Throughout my journey, I've learned that it's more important to have a big goal, take action first and adjust the details along the way. 

I’ve never really had a detailed business plan, and I don’t think you need one. But I have some key steps to share with you so you can keep your plan simple and start making more money!

If you’re thinking of starting a business, here’s the steps I recommend: 

  1. Identify your target audience and goals.
  2. Begin with a simple product or service.
  3. Focus on consistent marketing efforts.
  4. Refine processes and delegate tasks.
  5. Reflect, adjust, and set new targets.


1. Identify your target audience and goals

Rather than overthinking every detail and aiming for an ideal road map to getting more clients, focus on identifying your target audience and setting clear goals. By doing so, you can be ready to adapt and make adjustments along the way. 

Rather than getting overwhelmed by trying to create an ideal solution, start broad and refine your approach as you go forward. 

It is so important to be consistent, persistent, and learn from your mistakes. Start small with a single client or project and allow your experiences to guide you as you figure out the next steps.

"It's okay to start broad, and it's okay to eliminate stuff as you go."

Understanding the importance of identifying your target audience and setting clear goals is crucial for anyone nervous about starting a business without a step-by-step plan. Focusing on these two aspects allows entrepreneurs to adapt, learn and grow in response to real-world situations, rather than getting lost with ‘what if this happens?’ It is totally ok to try something out and see if it works. The key is to keep showing up and then reflecting on what is working and what needs to change.


2. Begin with a simple product or service

"Start with one, see if you like it."

One of the key steps that can help entrepreneurs overcome procrastination is to begin with a simple product or service. By starting small and focusing on a single offering, you can create momentum, gain valuable experience, and learn as you grow. Remember, it's okay not to have all the answers right away. The most crucial aspect of running a successful business is taking that first step and consistently moving forward.

“Perfection is not a requirement to start a business.”

Try not to get stuck in the paralysis of decision-making. By starting with a simple product or service, you can give yourself the opportunity to test the waters, determine what you enjoy doing, and refine your product and services as you learn more about your target market and ideal customers. This is a great way to reduce the pressure and stay focused on what business tasks you actually need to do.


3. Focus on consistent marketing efforts

Starting a business without a perfect business plan might seem counterintuitive; however, this approach encourages action and flexibility. By focusing on consistent marketing efforts, you can build brand awareness and cultivate relationships with potential clients while adapting your business plans based on real-world experiences. 

Instead of getting caught up in planning every detail, you should prioritize consistent marketing efforts to establish a strong presence in your niche and build connections with your target audience. This strategy ultimately allows for more time and energy to be dedicated to actually growing the business. Prioritise money-making activities first. 

My business plan is super simple and we break down our business tasks into daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. My team consistently shares the content I create on social media, providing value and developing the know, like, and trust factor with my audience. Each week, we share a valuable piece of content like a blog post, article, or podcast, followed by monthly mini launches and quarterly big sales events.

It is important for us to have consistent marketing efforts that are in streamlined processes. By sticking to this plan, we are able to develop a strong brand and maintain a connection with our audience. Consistent marketing efforts help keep a business in the forefront of customers' minds, making it more likely they'll continue to engage with the brand and make recommendations to their peers. Most of these marketing activities can be batched so they don’t take ages or feel like daily obligations. 

I share my simple two-step marketing process that has helped me grow a multi-million dollar business here on the Chill and Prosper podcast, have a listen and enjoy!


4. Refine processes and delegate tasks. 

Once you start to identify what is working, what you are good at and more importantly, what you enjoy doing, you can start to refine the processes in your business. 

By looking at what you can eliminate, automate, delegate and outsource, business owners can reduce the pressure of having to do it all as well as release the belief that you have to work hard to make more money!

Take a moment to look at what you need to eliminate in your business. What don’t you need to be doing? You may find that there is an opportunity to delegate these tasks to someone else or perhaps outsource them altogether.

Entrepreneurs often fall into the trap of just completing the repetitive tasks in business. These are the tasks that need to be automated first. Automation supports entrepreneurs to focus on what really matters in their business and what their role is.


5.  Reflect, adjust, and set new targets.

Remember it is important to grow and evolve in your business. Many entrepreneurs believe that you have to stick with the original plan and concept. You don’t. Having regular opportunities to reflect and adjust what you are doing in business will lead you to success. It is okay to set new targets. Just don’t keep moving the goal posts without giving yourself and opportunity to celebrate what you have achieved. Many entrepreneurs move onto the next target before taking a moment to ‘look back’ and see how far they have come. This is a fast way to end up in business burnout. Give yourself the opportunity to reflect, adjust, set new targets and celebrate!

"It's totally okay to shift and change in your business."

Starting a business without a perfect business plan is an empowering approach for entrepreneurs who often hesitate to take that first step. By focusing on simplifying your business plan and taking action, you can overcome indecision and make progress toward your goals. Remember the importance of identifying your target audience, offering a simple product or service, and maintaining consistent marketing efforts. As you grow, refine processes, delegate tasks, and adjust your targets when needed. Don't let perfection hold you back - embrace this approach and watch your business come to life.

Your business, your rules.


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