Money Bootcamp gave me the confidence and money to have a baby on my own!

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Money Bootcamp gave me the confidence and money to have a baby on my own!


Yvonne Hilsz

Business Coach
Member Since 2012


My name's Yvonne Hilsz, and I coach women business owners, particularly around really making great money in their business, following their passion and not working their asses off. My goal is to help them make more money, attract amazing clients, and also have time in their life to do what they love with who they love.

I think I was in the second round of Bootcamp, when I was just about to roll out a massive contract and I'd never priced myself in the market at that price. And I remember jumping on the group call with Denise and going, "Denise, I've got this contract." And it was really just that I needed the validation that it was okay to step up and out of my financial comfort zone.

I actually doubled what we discussed on the call when I put the contract through. And it was just this feeling of joy and I've got this.

What has been your biggest learning from Money Bootcamp?

I think the biggest one for me was actually knowing that my business was strong enough financially for me to actually have a baby. I had a baby on my own at the age of 37. I had this thriving business, turning over really good money and had big contracts in place. I had the confidence of knowing that my business was gonna provide for us. And now, I have a gorgeous three and a half year old and I've had some very big significant contracts come through. Knowing that I really could go for that dream as a single woman wanting to have a baby has been awesome.

That’s my best gift from Bootcamp.

I've got huge adoration for Denise and what she's done within Money Bootcamp and her as a mentor. Having my daughter came from the confidence of going, I can do this, not only emotionally, but financially.

What advice would you give someone considering joining Money Bootcamp?

For anyone who is considering Bootcamp, I think it's easy to get distracted by other people's values and judgments around money. But really, I look at the transformation of the thousands of women who have gone through this program and I certainly look at my own life, and I think all of us are deserving of having a life that has wealth in it. And wealth, not just in terms of money.

You know, when you do have more wealth in your life, you have different choices. It is a choice between better healthcare, children or not, schools, clothes, charity, whatever it is. So I look at all the women who might be sitting on the side and go, you've only got upside by joining, you know, you'll only gain so much more love for yourself, forgiveness for yourself, you know, you will discover new ways to create more money and let go of some of the shackles that are holding you back.

And also, you get this incredible community, which in a world where we are so much online and not getting that real connection, in the beautiful community that is with Denise and all the Lucky Bs, it's a very special and sacred space, which I don't see in many other areas.

So I would be like, just do it.

It can only be a good thing.


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