There's freedom in the way I live life now, thanks to Money Bootcamp!

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There's freedom in the way I live life now, thanks to Money Bootcamp!


Supriya Roy

Trainer & Coach at Seva Transformation Academy
Sydney, Australia
Member since May 2019

What was your money situation when you joined Money Bootcamp?

I joined Bootcamp in May of 2019.

Back then I had just realized that after hitting 6 figures in my then yoga studio business I wanted to quit the business because I did not have the energy to keep putting fires out.

My money situation was actually getting worse each month and I felt really overtaken by my scarcity mindset, unable to move forward.

Listening to Denise's podcast and video posts I knew I had to join the Money Bootcamp to work on my deeper beliefs on money.


What is your money situation like now?

Right now, I'm operating an online training and coaching business.

My money situation feels a lot different because I have experienced really big windfalls and financial losses since joining the Money Bootcamp but my outlook has been really different.

I have experienced money more like energy than money as a tangible limited thing.

What has shifted in me is the appreciation of my energy. I am designing my new business in alignment with my energy. I'm no longer fearful of "dying" from not having enough money and instead I see my business, life and activities as a way of being a source of income. I currently know how my money is a direct reflection of my own behaviors around energy. I've set big goals and

I also have steps planned that I take to manifesting those goals while before I'd only equate hard work / work to achieve a financial goal.  


Why did you decide to join Money Bootcamp?

I really resonated with Denise as a speaker on money. I love her approach to this process and she is a great role model for claiming ease and grace in life along with money.

I needed a mentor and a role model and that is why I decided to join Denise's Money Bootcamp. 


What's the biggest lesson you've learned from Money Bootcamp?

That my energy container is everything, not money. The more containers and the bigger my container the more money will come.

I finally get that money needs a place to go to...

So really being clear about that is what I've understood so far. For example I gave $80K that I didn't even know I had to a distant relative to invest and they never paid me back. This is a lack of my own containers to tell money where to go for me and how to help me.

With money mindset I see that I need to create emotional money containers for me where my money can flow to and that it’s safe for me to grow wealth. 


What are your top 3 wins since joining Money Bootcamp?

I was able to take a 6 month sabbatical during 2021 to get back my health and mental health and birth my new business and energy to build again.

I've also experienced a lot of freedom in the way I live my life, spending and charging money is far more easier for me and I am much more discerning now in how I spend my energy and money to keep feeling abundant daily.


How would you describe the Money Bootcamp community and Facebook group?

The Money Bootcamp community is my main group of inspiration. I love the women in there taking action and being bold in their life.

I'm just so happy I joined because there is no other group like it. I actually am on there more than I am anywhere else other than my own business' community group.  The time spent there is so worthwhile.

The women are compassionate, bold, ambitious, encouraging and so supportive. I love the Facebook group. And the community mentors are amazing too. Thank you so much!


What's your advice to someone considering joining Money Bootcamp?

Please join it! You don't know how powerful working on money mindset is until you get in the container. This work is at the root of all decision we women are making daily, be it in our health, business, relationships or finances.

It is THE work we all need to do individually for the collective.

If you're the kind of person that thinks oh money is not your focus then believe me that is exactly how you're also thinking of your life and your aspirations.

This money work is for more than money itself and the only way you can free yourself from what holds you back in truly expressing yourself is by having a relationship with money itself. It's a great tool to keep you on track of your own progress because its measurable.

Please don't delay to start your journey. You might think that money doesn't stop flowing in your life and so you might not need to work on your mindset, think again.

Then perhaps there are other consequences you have in your life that are created from your money story which prevent you from being a true expression of yourself?  


What's next for you?

My goal is to design my dream business and call in the money to fund it - I want to buy my dream home by the beach and have life experiences like buy my mum a home too,  start a foundation that helps people overcoming adversities in third world countries and learn more life skills that need time and money freedom. I want to be able to pay really well my team that will help me run my business and with my mission.

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