I was nominated for business awards and tripled my business income thanks to Money Bootcamp

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I was nominated for business awards and tripled my business income thanks to Money Bootcamp


Nikki McLennan

Award-Winning Photographer
Member Since 2021

My name is Nikki McLennan. My business is Lion and Cub Photography. I also have a sister brand called Lioness Photography. I'm based in Newtown, Sydney.

I decided to join Bootcamp because I had read both Denise’s books. I found them at my local library. I got the audio books and I used to listen to Denise all the time. My children know all the sections well now! I thought to myself, if I join, there's going to be this amazing Facebook community of women helping each other. I also photograph a lot of events for women in business. So, I'm good at networking. And, I thought this would be great for networking as well. But, what pushed me over the edge was, it was my birthday! So, I decided to treat myself and dive in and get the course. But I did think about it for about four months before I made the leap.

What was your biggest challenge before joining Money Bootcamp?

I was working a lot - five or six days a week, but my income wasn't consistent. So I was earning around 45k. I had earned more than that as a teacher, but I didn't want to go back to teaching. I felt like there’s so much potential. Also, eight years running this business and I've worked for 44 different jobs. So I knew that I had the skills, it was just issues with charging what I was worth. I didn’t have a consistent price list, I used to guess what people might like to pay, trying to please people as well. I needed some kind of structure around this, because it was honestly exhausting.

How have things changed since joining Money Bootcamp?

I am coming up to my first year as a Money Bootcamp member. In that time, I have tripled my income. I set up my six figure passwords and write down my goals every day and it's actually happened.

And I also started applying for business awards. And so far I've won two. Tonight, I found out about the state final for one of them. So I won the City of Sydney Region for This Is Australia: Excellence in Micro Business. And then tonight they announced if I'm the state winner. And the other award was the Aus Mompreneur Creative Entrepreneur for New South Wales. So, that was huge! Because of this course, I had a lot to talk about. I was able to produce two new websites. So I have much better systems in place now.

What advice would you give someone who is considering joining Money Bootcamp?

If you're on the fence about joining, you have to think about the benefits to being in a group with thousands of other women who've probably been through what you're going through.

Oh another thing that I found through the group was when Denise was talking about being diagnosed with ADHD. So I was like, 'oh my God, I think I might have it too.' And so I found out I do, just recently. So that was something that I also probably would not have found out if I didn't join Money Bootcamp.

So it turns out MBC’s been good for my lifestyle, my money, my business, my sense of self and wellbeing with the tapping. So yeah, I'd say, just do it.



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