Bootcamp gave me guidance for scaling my business

money bootcamp testimonials
Bootcamp gave me guidance for scaling my business


Nidhi Dahiya

Portrait Photogapher & Business Coach
Arkansas, US

“Bootcamp really helped me own the fact that I am a creative person and that's who I've always been.”



What was your money situation when you joined Money Bootcamp?

I had been in business for a while and things were going really well. I made over $700,000 in total income the year before I joined Bootcamp, but I wanted to keep pushing for that seven figures and see what was possible.

I had learned a lot in my industry already, but I needed to level up. I needed advice to be able to keep growing personally and professionally because I think I had reached the limit of what I could achieve on my own.

“I was ready to invest in myself. I had clients literally slipping into my DMs and asking to work with me and I just thought, “I need to manage this growth the right way.”

What’s your biggest “aha” since joining Money Bootcamp?

I think everyone would agree that most of us think you have to work harder to earn more money. If I want my business to grow and tip into the seven figure profit margins, then I need to be working overtime and exhausting myself to make that happen.

But that’s not true. My own students ask me all the time how I avoid burnout when I always seem to be on the go, but really – I’m not. Bootcamp taught me how to be selective in what I give my energy to. I prioritize my peace. Looking over my potential paths, I see which one has the potential for the highest ROI, and I go down that one.

“I can choose to manifest more money and live with ease.”

Something else I loved from Bootcamp is the power of a tidy space. I love decluttering, but I had never connected it to impacting my headspace, too. You really have to clear all that out to tune into your inner voice properly.

How has Money Bootcamp helped your life and business?

My paternal grandfather was very wealthy. He was a generous man, as well, so I remember growing up he always brought gifts. And if we ever went to visit him, it was the same – he would give us presents.

So in my head, I always thought of wealthy people as generous people. If you are rich, you should share. I think this is one of the main reasons my love language is gift giving.

 It’s been so helpful that Denise encourages us to look into our money memories. For some people, those might be negative and there could be feelings of scarcity, but it’s also good to acknowledge the good stuff – like being generous.

But along with generosity was the nagging idea that only those on the brink of exhaustion could ever be rich.

“I can live a life of luxury. I can donate my money and help people. And I don’t have to exhaust myself to do it.”


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