Money Bootcamp helped me to stop over-delivering and under-charging

money bootcamp testimonials


Mikala Boon

Clinical Psychologist
New Zealand


As a psychologist, I got into my profession to help people. We're basically trained into the public service kind of model, which considering the number of years it takes to study, is not a high paying role. A lot of work, a lot of stress, a lot of meetings and generally full-time sort of hours. Public services are very stressful and strict in their capacity.

Shifting to work in private was a really tough one for me, first in terms of the jump in the hourly rate and getting my head around that and feeling like I didn't deserve it. The work wasn't necessarily harder, I had been high challenging roles and I felt like I didn’t deserve to earn more.

There were also a lot of strikes in our country around working conditions and I felt like a bit of a traitor getting out of that system.

Then I found when I was doing private work, I was overdelivering, working way more hours than I would be paid for reports. I still wasn't comfortable even with the idea of people paying me directly, so I was doing other contracts that meant that it still wasn't the person seeing me that was paying for the work.

I was chasing money and it felt wrong to me as well, because I didn't feel like I'd worked hard enough for the kind of lump sum that I knew I would have to invoice for the hours. So that was a real barrier for me in terms of the hard work mentality.

One of the biggest things Money Bootcamp shifted for me was the belief that ‘I serve, I deserve’. I've had to really repeat that to myself over and over again, because that's not the message you come through working in public health.

I soon recognised that it wasn’t the system that kept me earn a minimum there were underlying issues and beliefs that showed up when I went to private.

Thanks to Bootcamp I have learnt there isn't anything wrong with doing easier work or for getting more money for the work that I was doing. I think that Bootcamp has given me permission to do easier work, to know that it is okay to enjoy the work and you don't have to do the hardest stuff just because you can do the easier stuff and have fun. 

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