Money Bootcamp helped me feel confident to charge in USD

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Money Bootcamp helped me feel confident to charge in USD


Michelle Wordsworth

Mindset & Manifestation Coach

A few years ago I was going through a really bad stage at work where I was being bullied by my boss, and basically lost who I was, and I really want to help people find their spark back, and really rediscover what it is that they're passionate about, and find ways that they can actually leave their nine to five and do the things that they really want to do. I've always been into the spiritual side of things and my first business focused on this.

When I first joined Bootcamp I had a lot come up about pricing. I even had blocks around Denise charging in US dollars even though she was Australian.

I later realised that this was my own block and it was holding me back in my own business. In the spiritual business world, there are a lot of money blocks around receiving money for our products and services and I've really had to work on this myself as well.

I now believe it’s safe for me to receive, or it's safe for me to be compensated for my gifts. I think it's safe for me to receive or be compensated for my knowledge.

One that I continue to work on is that it is safe for me to have nice things and it is safe for me to earn money.


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