Since joining Money Bootcamp, I quadrupled my income in just one year!

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Since joining Money Bootcamp, I quadrupled my income in just one year!


Mattia Mauree

Life Coach, Composer, Writer
Member Since 2021

 My biggest challenge when I first joined Money Bootcamp was that I had major blocks around receiving and letting people help me or pay me.

I was coaching for free and terrified of making it into a real business. I had a part-time day job.

I worried that it would feel too woman-centric, as I'm non-binary. I was happy to find other queer and genderqueer folks in MBC!

What was your biggest 'aha' moment in Money Bootcamp?

My biggest "aha" was realizing that I can let things go as I continue to grow. As I opened to receiving, new blocks appeared and I let them go accordingly. I have a completely different mindset about what's possible as an artist and an entrepreneur. I quadrupled my total income (40% business, 60% job) in one year!

I worried that making money during the pandemic was morally wrong, and Denise and the MBC community consistently showed how much good we can do. I was able to donate more this year than I ever have before. I'm the most proud of letting go of trust issues and becoming good at receiving. Now I love receiving!

I'm still working on raising the ceiling on what I believe is possible. I'm still working on having and enjoying money for its own sake, rather than immediately paying a student loan or giving the money away.

The community really is amazingly supportive, and it's the only place on the internet where I feel comfortable having these frank conversations!


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