Money Bootcamp helped me understand where and how I was holding myself back

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Martha Fraser


Founder of Global Online Stars,
Go Global From Home


Dear Amazing Soul,

I was you, window shopping Money Bootcamp for years and finally biting the bullet only around 2 months ago. I wasn't sure whether to do a testimonial yet as the results aren't yet so massive in one way but in another it's a massive stepping stone.

As soon as I joined it was like the doors opened to another world when I logged into the course I just lit up. I changed instantly; it was like taking a leap in vibration, there was no going back. I consumed the course, I am doing the work, and still working on it, I think we will always be "doing the work" as things change, I change and my business grows.

For me Money Bootcamp is like taking the motorway for a mindset shift. You can take the slow, slow lane and try and do it on your own, to be honest which I think I did for years watching from the sidelines. I was always working on my mindset, but not my money mindset! I could never quite figure out why I needed Money Bootcamp, as I thought I was doing everything right building my business, but the last couple of years I had alot of personal grief, my own vibration was not in a good place and I wanted to be in place where I knew I could rise with the other rising boats. So I joined!

Only when I joined did I really understand I had massive money blocks that were holding me back in my business and life! It was a massive eye opener. I really also realised that everyone needs this work, if you work for yourself, this Money Bootcamp should be an essential part of your learning and growing. It should be your business foundation curriculum! You don't know what you don't know! And that is the problem, so trust me when I say you need this! I've been working online for 8 years, oh how I wish I could go back and tell myself you need this!

Anyway, what have I got from Money Bootcamp?

  • A complete mindset shift about money, me and a bigger belief in what I can achieve.
  • Aligning my home to my goal for daily reminders of that goal.
  • Understanding where and how I was holding myself back
  • Understanding my relationship with money and how changing this changes everything
  • Decluttering - I have always done this before MB, I'm a big Marie Kondo fan, however 
  • Money Bootcamp helped me to see why and how decluttering my business was so important. Now in my office, my mind is clear and focused on my one goal.
  • I feel really ready for what I want to achieve, it has been a great leap now let's do the work, this is massive. It has helped me get back on track with me, realigning myself to me not letting go of the grief but helping me working my way to my goals alongside it.

So that has been my short journey so far in only 8 weeks. I look forward to doing another testimonial in a year's time :) All I can say is I waited too long to join Money Bootcamp, you don't need to understand everything as to why you should join, just know that joining and doing the work will change you forever.

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