Money Bootcamp helped me go from $2k per month to over $10k per month!

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Money Bootcamp helped me go from $2k per month to over $10k per month!


Li Lin

Founder of The Successful Immigrant
Member Since 2016

My name is Li Lin, I'm the founder of The Successful Immigrant. I help immigrants become wealthy through job search and business coaching.

Pre-Bootcamp, I think I was just kind of a mess. I was very much caught up in a cycle of having to work really, really hard for money. I had a lot of different biases around rich people, what it means to be rich. I didn’t believe it was possible for somebody like me to be rich. I had a lot of barriers around having to look a certain way, sound a certain way, or have to be in a particular business in order to be wealthy. So that was my mindset pre-Bootcamp.

How have things changed joining Money Bootcamp?

After Bootcamp, I just saw so many different women going through the same struggles and then I learned EFT tapping, and I started to take it seriously. I worked hard on my mindset. So, you know, from joining around March of 2016, so to give you a more financial picture, I was making about $2000 per month back in February, 2016, and then, by March, I was making $6,000. And then, after a couple of months, I was reaching $8,000, and then I think around July, I was reaching $10,000. So definitely Money Bootcamp helped me out a lot in terms of mindset. It was a big change in a six months time-span.


What advice would you give someone considering joining Money Bootcamp?

I would say you probably have money problems and they're not gonna go away if you don't deal with them. So if you're considering it, you probably need to.

Money as a business owner is super important, and it's gonna impact every aspect of your life. In Bootcamp, just the community and all the upgrades, - the connection is just unbeatable. So I would highly recommend it to any entrepreneur considering it.



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