Money Bootcamp allowed me to become a mother

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Money Bootcamp allowed me to become a mother


Leah Patterson

Business Consultant
Arkansas, US

“I wasn’t being lazy by partnering with Denise, I was being smart.”



What’s it like working with Denise?

Denise is so affirming. Listening to her, I believe what she says to me.

“That today, just as I am, I am capable of accomplishing my wildest dreams. That I can take little steps to get me there, as well as the big leaps when I need to.”

She is a wealthy woman in so many ways and her community makes me feel like I also belong in that space.

Why did you decide to join Money Bootcamp?

I have always been entrepreneurial focused. I've always been someone who's wanted to do my own thing – classic Aquarius move. I went to school for chemical engineering and everyone thought I would pursue that, but I didn’t want to. I never wanted to be a corporate person or work for someone else.

Over the years, I’ve worn many different hats and had many different businesses, but I didn’t continue with them for one reason or another. However, I’ve also always wanted to be a mother. When I left a long term relationship in my 30s, I thought, “If I’m going to do this, I need to do this now.” So I thought I would just do it myself.

But when thinking of being a mom and being responsible for somebody else, my mindset began to shift. I had worked so hard for so many years, but just wasn’t pulling it off like I knew I could.

“To be a mom, I needed consistent resources. I figured I was missing a piece to the puzzle and turned to Denise, who handed it right to me.”

What’s your biggest “aha” since joining Money Bootcamp?

I am proud of my accomplishments and academic history. I’ve always been pretty good at solving problems and finding my own way through things. But I wasn’t having success with my money mindset because I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Before joining Bootcamp, I had this reservation like I was cheating by asking someone else to teach me. Like I was being lazy because if I just tried a little bit harder, or worked a little bit longer, that I would be able to figure it out on my own.

But really, I had this “aha!” moment when I realized that joining Bootcamp is kind of like buying your favorite lotion from the store instead of making it at home.

“Sure, you could spend way more money and way more time trying to DIY something that might turn out kind of the same, but it’s really a waste of effort when it already exists and is easy to get. ”

I would never think twice about picking it right up off the shelf and enjoying a pre-made bottle of lotion. Applying that thinking to my business is what gave me the big push. I wasn’t being lazy by partnering with Denise and joining Bootcamp, I was being smart.

How has Money Bootcamp helped your life and business?

We spend so long in school where that self-worth thing is kind of easy to figure out. And then you become an adult and it's all different and confusing.

The reason why I had never pursued single motherhood on my own was because I didn't feel like an adult. I didn't feel like I had the financial backing. I didn't feel like I could make enough money to take care of me and a child.  And I thought, “What is it gonna take for me to be able to be a mom?”

And I knew that I needed to get a job. I didn’t want to work for someone else because it felt like failing, but the work I did in Bootcamp allowed me to reframe those thoughts as a means to an end and having my beautiful daughter. I’m also constantly working on my business and laying the foundations for what I really want.

How has your time in Money Bootcamp been?

Well, I have a daughter now and I actually met my partner while I was pregnant with her. He just kind of showed up one day, but I know it was because I was ready to meet him. I am so secure in myself and what I want now.


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