Money Bootcamp helped me build a self-employed safety net

money bootcamp testimonials
Money Bootcamp helped me build a self-employed safety net


Laura Kamark

Website & Tech Integration Specialist
California, US

“I was pregnant and they just told me I was done and needed to figure it out. I promised myself that would never happen again. ”

What was your money situation when you joined Money Bootcamp?

I actually started my journey into entrepreneurship when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I was about four months along and working remotely in a corporate position. I had been with the company for ten years and got a call out of the blue one day.

“Your position has been eliminated.”

They gave me until noon to get what I needed off my computer and then that was it. They didn’t care that I was pregnant. That was it, after all the loyalty I had for the company.

I promised myself I would never be in a position like that again, so I picked myself up and started my own business. My husband owns his own business and worked his tail off supporting our family during the transition period. I can’t thank him enough.

Things took off for me, but then 2020 happened. It was a hard year for everyone, I think. I lost so many of my long term anchor clients that year because everyone was cutting back. On top of that, the kids were home from school and I couldn’t focus on my business like I used to.

I began to have such a scarcity mindset around money during this time because I saw such a large drop in my income.

What’s your biggest “aha” since joining Money Bootcamp?

I had a lot of fear about being perfect before joining Money Bootcamp. There was this block I had that if something I made, like a digital product, wasn’t perfect, then I shouldn’t bother with it at all.

I couldn’t even get started on something because I was already ten steps ahead of myself worrying that people wouldn’t like it and it would fail.

“It’s so freeing to finally understand how to getting past my perfectionism. My projects don’t need to be perfect. They just need to exist.”

They can be redone. I just get it out there, get feedback, and rinse and repeat as necessary.

How has Money Bootcamp helped your life and business?

I think my biggest win from being in Bootcamp is how I show up for my family.

“You know, when someone blows out a candle we say, “What did you wish for?” And I've had some of their friends who think it’s bad luck to say your wish. But in my family, we speak our dreams out loud.”

One of those dreams for me was creating a podcast. I also created my first digital product, which was huge. I had been stuck for a long time on that. And this year with the help of the group in Money Bootcamp and the support there, I got that push to just do it and get it out there. It's been amazing.

How has your first year in Money Bootcamp been?

I’m two years into Bootcamp now and there have been so many improvements in my family and my business.

I understand that it's okay to show up as you and be exactly where you are. And it's okay if you're not quite at the 10k profit months that everyone is striving to get to. We're all just getting there little by little bit by bit, day by day.

Business doesn't have to be complicated. It can be easy. Let's keep it simple and just be real with people. And that's something that's really changed for me since joining Money Bootcamp.


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