Money Bootcamp help me recover $30,000 in retirement income

money bootcamp testimonials
Money Bootcamp help me recover $30,000 in retirement income


Kumari Valentine

Clinical Psychologist
New Zealand

 “Bootcamp taught me I don’t have to undercharge for my level of service. I have a lot of skills and knowledge to share and I can still do that while abiding by a strict code of ethics.”



What’s it like working with Denise?

The Money Bootcamp community is a very generous one. Everyone is extremely helpful and I find myself drawn to posting about my successes and struggles because I know someone will be there to catch me. Everyone is so vulnerable and that’s what makes it so safe.

Denise is so present in the group, so I feel a real connection with her – even though there are so many people.

As a therapist, I find it so extraordinary how Denise works with actually quite big issues like issues that are about these wounds of childhood. And she works with them therapeutically, but in a very safe way and at scale. I think that that is just extraordinary.

She makes you feel so included because your specific needs are being addressed and met.”

I also love that Denise is just very real and talks about her own money blocks and that she still has room to grow. She says things like, “This is how much I earned” or “This is what I forgot to do.” I feel that it really opens a very honest conversation around money.

What’s your biggest “aha” since joining Money Bootcamp?

In my line of work, “rich” is a very bad word. As therapists, a lot of us think we shouldn’t be too visible or draw too much attention to ourselves or our wealth. This is because we often work with vulnerable people – whether emotionally or socioeconomically. The fear is that being extremely rich could be seen as making money off the backs of other people’s problems. 

I also have to renew my license each year, so there is kind of this undercurrent of fear that if I step out of line or do something wrong, that I could be in disrepute and lose it. 

Something I’ve learned through Money Bootcamp, though, is that this still doesn’t mean I have to undercharge for my level of service or being invisible.

“I have a lot of skills and knowledge to share and I can still do that while abiding by a strict code of ethics.”

Why did you join Money Bootcamp?

 I did have a successful business before I went on maternity leave. I would say though that most of my work was one-to-one. I had good systems in place, but of course there was room for improvement.

The catch is I had recorded about six CDs back in the day and uploaded them to Spotify, iTunes, and so on. I promoted them on a radio show years ago, but life got busy and I essentially forgot about them. Well, I logged into my Paypal account one day and there was $1,500 just sitting there.

“People had been listening to my work for years without me even promoting it. I knew there was something to pursue here.”

How has Money Bootcamp helped your life and business?

We did an exercise called “Hidden Treasures.” Essentially, the premise is that there is probably money right under your nose that you have forgotten about – or maybe not accessed it because there is a little bit of red tape in the way and it’s overwhelming.

For me, it was my retirement money in Australia. Australia and New Zealand have a lot of financial treaties, so even though I am a Kiwi, I can work in Australia and bring my earned retirement income home with me. It just doesn’t happen automatically and there are a few logistics to sort out that felt like a lot. I had forgotten my login details, so I just kept putting it off.

Well, for the exercise I just decided to call the bank and see what I needed to do.

 “I would have put that simple phone call off for years probably if it wasn’t for Denise. And in the course of one afternoon, I discovered that I had $30,000 waiting for me in that account and it was on its way over.”


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