Money Bootcamp helped me go full time in my business

money bootcamp testimonials
Money Bootcamp helped me go full time in my business


Krystal Kleidon

Lifestyle Blogger
Queensland, Australia


I joined Bootcamp in January 2021 and at the time I was still a paramedic.

Being a paramedic is part of my identity and living in a small town, everyone knows me. My blogging is more internationally based and predominantly in the US.

Prior to joining Money Bootcamp, I had a lot of problems around visibility, and I think that's why I love the online space, because I get to hide and I get to sit back. I've always been the kind of person who puts everybody else first and will do anything to make anybody else happy and whatever everybody else's needs are, whether it's my husband or my kids or anything. I've kind of always just fit in and always felt the need to fit in. And that's something that Money Bootcamp continues to support me with.

Bootcamp has opened up a whole world of other things that I need to work on. It's like there is this money layer and then the money mindset is the top layer. It really gets you looking at every area of your life and question all the thoughts you have coming up. It has been really eye opening.

I am now starting to be okay with being visible and putting myself out there. A lot of what I have learnt comes back to being okay with who I am and figuring out who I am. 

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