You can succeed in Money Bootcamp no matter where you’re from

money bootcamp testimonials
You can succeed in Money Bootcamp no matter where you’re from


Katharina Tolle

Birth Story Writer

“Bootcamp allowed me to turn this thing that I loved doing into something that could pay my bills.”



 What was your money situation when you joined Money Bootcamp?

Before Bootcamp, I always trusted other people to take care of my money for me. I didn’t think I was good enough at it because it felt complicated.

“It even took me a long time to even begin considering my business a real business instead of a hobby. Because I really thought that earning a living needed to be difficult. I didn’t allow myself to dream about turning this thing that I loved doing into something that could pay my bills.”

That felt like taking the easy way out. It didn’t feel real.

Really, the best days for me were when I didn’t even have to think about money at all. My husband earned my family’s main income and whatever else I brought home was nice, but we just thought of it as extra and not really needed.

What’s your favorite thing about the Bootcamp community?

I love how international and supportive the community is. It’s nice because there are so many people whose first language isn’t English who are very active in the group. It doesn’t matter if your English isn’t perfect, because everyone is so kind and supportive of each other.

Everyone wants you to succeed. From the day I joined, I know I made the right choice because of this. I speak German as well as English, but I often see people posting in French, Spanish, and even Italian. There are people commenting on their posts encouraging them and giving them advice in their native language and that’s really cool to me.

Why did you join Money Bootcamp?

I don’t know if it’s a German thing, or just my family, but we don’t talk about money that much. I also think that because my parents grew up in West Germany and my husband’s parents are from East Germany, that we have a totally different outlook on the world and our finances. It’s hard not to when you come from a background like that.

“Our grandparents have paid with more than four different currencies in their lifetime without ever leaving their region. So that really impacts how you value money.”

I think Germans are really careful about their money in general. We are very conservative. It’s helpful for me to expand my way of thinking and understand where those blocks could be coming from even for my customers and how to work through them.

How has Money Bootcamp helped your life and business?

I have so much more confidence in my business being a business instead of just a hobby. My newsletter list is growing – it’s actually doubled in the past year. So I am really proud of that.

In addition, I paid for a five star hotel for my family’s most recent vacation. The money coming in each month is so much higher than ever before and it felt great to treat my family to something so nice. To think, my business used to just be for fun and now it’s paying me to have fun with my family.

How has your first year in Money Bootcamp been?

There have been so many “ah ha!” moments in my life since joining Money Bootcamp. When listening to Denise speak, there are many times when you think, “That is so obvious! Why did I never view it that way before?”

Sometimes, I felt a little frustrated because it took me so long to figure out something that Denise made seem so easy. However, I am working on setting that frustration aside. I am happy to have the knowledge now, as it’s improved my life so much, so quickly.



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