I was $50,000 in debt to the tax office before joining Bootcamp

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I was $50,000 in debt to the tax office before joining Bootcamp


Karyn Parkinson

eCommerce Marketing Mentor
Hobart, Australia

How did you hear about Money Bootcamp?

I followed Denise for years before I joined Bootcamp. I’ve read all her books. It was kind of always in the back of my mind that I would join, but I never could make the choice to actually go for it. I’d see the emails about each new launch and think it over, but never took action.

Until last year. I finally got a hold of myself and did what I said I was going to do for years.

What was your money situation when you joined Money Bootcamp?

I’ve actually been self-employed for almost 12 years now. There were the normal highs and lows of being a business owner, but when I joined Money Bootcamp I was experiencing a very specific low.

I owed about $50,000 in back taxes at the time. I hadn’t been budgeting properly, so I wasn’t setting aside the money I needed each month for taxes and it just ballooned. There was so much guilt and shame around that money. I felt stuck over it. I wasn’t sure about the best way forward. 

“But since joining Money Bootcamp, I was able to pay it all off.”

How has Money Bootcamp helped your life and business?

I’ve had a few years now where profits from my business have topped $1million dollars.

It’s such an amazing feeling to look over your statements and know that you earned that. So much of it was passively, too. I think before Denise I just kind of assumed that I didn’t deserve to make that much cash, and especially not without working around the clock.

“It feels so good to be making money in my sleep and knowing that I deserve each and every cent.”

Developing my mindset was really the missing link for me. Making money is just so easy and stress free now. I’m working with great clients and feel so happy.

What’s it like working with Denise?

“It’s very easy to follow and understand everything she stands for.”

I love how down to earth Denise is. She's just very raw and open about everything. Denise is very practical, which I appreciate. Because at the beginning, I was a little hesitant that the manifesting stuff might be a little too “woo woo” for me, but she centers all her ideas in such realism that everyone can find their truth in them.

It’s so easy to learn from Denise. That’s why after joining, I was able to take action so quickly. I was able to pay off my debt and build cash reserves to the point that I don’t even need credit cards anymore. It’s so great.

How has your time since Money Bootcamp been?

I bought my dream house! It’s one of my biggest money wins. It’s everything I could ever imagine. You know, water views and big enough to host my entire family at once.

But not just the house, it’s the little things I’ve been able to upgrade that make me feel so happy. For example, I finally got new underwear. It’s so simple, but it makes me feel fantastic that even something so basic could be so nice.

“New underwear. That’s true financial freedom right there.”

I renovated my office, as well. And you would never guess, but I found a few checks that I never got around to depositing in one of my drawers. Things had been going so well that I didn’t even realize I hadn’t cashed them.


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