I doubled my income after the first month of joining Money Bootcamp

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I doubled my income after the first month of joining Money Bootcamp


Julia Norton

Voice Actor
Member Since 2017

My name's Julia Norton. I'm a voice actor and a voice movement therapy practitioner. I also offer singing lessons for adults and kids, so it's all about the voice.

I've been teaching voice for 20 years and writing operas for kids with the San Francisco Opera Guild and music directing.

What was your biggest challenge before joining Money Bootcamp?

Before discovering Denise, I never made any money. I was working every single hour, driving all over the Bay area, never making any money. I only found out about Denise last summer, at the end of July, when I was on an online course for actors. I bought her book, "Get Rich, Lucky Bitch," immediately - I loved the title more than anything. After reading it, Bootcamp followed quickly after.

What advice would you give someone considering joining Money Bootcamp?

The community is fantastic. The live calls are really charged and feel very electric. I feel like we are all there together, which is huge. And I doubled my income in the first month, that first month of Bootcamp, and then I made half as much again in September. I would say if you're ready to really throw off the old stories, get rid of all your crap, and forgive all the people who you've been holding ransom for those stories your whole life, do it! You won't look back.


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