Since joining Money Bootcamp, I've gone from being 70k in debt to consistent 70k+ months

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Since joining Money Bootcamp, I've gone from being 70k in debt to consistent 70k+ months


Joy Bufalini

Business Coach
Member Since 2016

I'm Joy Bufalini, I'm from Clearwater, Florida. Actually that's where I moved to as part of the shifts in my money mindset and then living in my dream location, which is awesome.

I help women to simplify their business model by focusing on mastering their offers, messaging and sales process, so they can multiply the results. It's really in line with what Denise teaches about decluttering. So it's really about the strategy side of things, I love helping women do that.  

I first found out about Denise in 2013. I was sort of stalking her content and I didn't join until 2015. And I'm kind of embarrassed to say this, but I joined in 2015 on a credit card, and did not even log into the content till 2016.

What was your biggest challenge before joining Money Bootcamp?

So I was, I guess my biggest challenge was I was in so much debt, $70K. I had to be honest with myself about that. And just denial around these false beliefs I had around money, I just couldn't believe that I'd ever really get myself out of the hole I dug. I'm a special needs mom. So we've had, we didn't have a lot of extra expenses, but it was a lot of money sabotage too. And I kind of ignored my money, magically thinking I’d somehow hit the jackpot in my business and I'd be making loads of money. So it was challenging initially.

When I first joined, I was making maybe $1,000 a month, maybe 2K every now and then on a good month. But really had this money ceiling really from my teacher salary. I was in year five and I was still stuck at that income ceiling. And even though I'd done a lot of personal development work and it helped a lot of people, I was charging really low. So, personally, I'd done a lot of inner work. I have a special needs child. That's a whole emotional journey in and of itself. But this money piece, I was still in a lot of sabotage about when I first joined and really diving into the content.

"When I finally did dive into the content, it was really transformational."

I had to rebuild my relationship with money. I had a lot of healing to do; guilt and shame around debt. And I mean I have this focus around keeping things simple, but somehow with money, I was just making it so hard and complicated.

How have things changed since joining Money Bootcamp?

I've grown so much. Since 2016, I've gone from, and it's hard to believe this, that I've gone from like averaging $1k to $2k months to averaging $70 to $100K a month consistently this year. It's been massive growth, and I've built a team which I was always resistant to. I've built a team of 10. I'm going to be hosting a retreat for them soon at my new beach condo, which I'm so excited about. My husband has joined the business as well.  

Well, I think one of the challenges I had was when I was in debt, and I was struggling with money,  was investing more money. But when I recognized that  this was the one area really holding me back, I knew I was good at what I did. I knew that I served clients really well, but this one piece was really holding me back. I have made that investment back a hundred thousand times over. My advice would be to look at what it's costing you for your relationship with money to stay the same.

What's your advice to someone considering joining Money Bootcamp?

Like I said, I joined and I didn't even engage with the content for a year. I wish I hadn’t done that. I wish I’d joined when I started following Denise way back in 2013. Don't wait if you really feel aligned with what Denise is sharing.

Don't wait. You will be so glad that you move forward with it.


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